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At Aapka Painter, you can be assured to get the best solutions to all your home painting and waterproofing needs. We offer customized solutions depending on your unique requirements and budget. We have bathroom renovation waterproofing and repair leakages on walls.


Repair Leakages
Repair Leakages

Leakages on walls may often occur in your apartments and bungalows due to high pressure and humidity. This will lead to cracks and your wall look will be greatly hampered. With Dr Fixit wall waterproofing products you get the best protection against such leakages and cracks. Check Dr Fixit Dampguard and Dr Dixit Crack Repair.

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Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

Renovate your bathrooms with high-quality waterproofing products by Dr Fixit. These waterproofing solutions will make sure that the walls of your bathrooms and strong. You can check Dr Fixit waterproof products of Pidilite to get great renovation at low prices.

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Check Renovation costs by Dr Fixit waterproofing
Check Renovation costs by Dr Fixit waterproofing

Dr Fixit offers very affordable solutions with a long life guarantee. Dr Fixit price for 1 litre begins at Rs 40. Check prices for Dr Fixit Raincoat, Dr Fixit Roofseal, and Dr Fixit Roof Repair. The overall quotation will depend on the type of damage and materials used. Check Dr Fixit price with Aapka Painter to get the best quotation for your home renovation project.

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Why Aapkapainter ?

Aapka Painter is among the best home painting professionals in India. We provide customized solutions for our clients with our team of engineers and experts. It is our top priority to to take care of your safety and comfort under all circumstances. Thereby, we have created new standards and protocols that are followed by all our staff and workers. We have been rewarded with our satisfied customers so far and we wish to provide the same to you.

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Aapka Painter’s waterproofing solutions to solve your leakage problems

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Rajkumar Rathod

Bangalore, India

Aapkapainter did an excellent job on my house. The paint crew were so kind, polite and Professional. They completed their job within stipulated time. Aapkapainter is value for money.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I waterproof my basement?


Damp and humid basements can result in rotting of wood and growing of mildews. Waterproofing will make the basement strong for a long time.

2. How can I waterproof my bathroom?


You can choose among a vareity of options but seal each and every corner of the bathroom from floors to ceilings.

3. What kind of painting jobs you offer?


Get the best Dr Fixit products depending on your waterproofing requirements. Roofseal, Dampguard, and Newcoat are some of the bestselling options.

4. What the prices of Dr Fixit products?


Prices begin at Rs 200 for Dr Fixit products. Depending on quantity and type of requirement, price can increase.

5. Can I use Dr Fixit for exteriors?


Yes, you can use Dr Fixit's Roofseal, Raincoat, and Primeseal to protect your exterior walls.

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