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Process Of Cement Injection Grouting


Surface Preparation


Mixing Grout


Injection of Grout


Cleaning Excess Grout




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Advantages & disadvantages of Cement Injection Grouting


  • Fixes leaks and cracks in concrete structures
  • Helps prevent further damage and deterioration
  • Increases the strength and durability of the structure
  • Used to repair both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Provides a permanent and long-lasting solution
  • Used to repair a variety of structures, including bridges, dams, and buildings


  • Requires specialized equipment and expertise
  • Expensive, especially for large projects.
  • Require significant downtime for repairs
  • Not effective for larger cracks or structural damage
  • Require drilling into the structure, which can cause aesthetic damage
  • Not be suitable for structures with significant movement or vibration
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What Is Cement Injection Grouting & Why

Cement injection grouting is a technique for repairing concrete structures by injecting cement-based grout into cracks and voids. This under-pressure injection process fills the cracks and binds the concrete, improving its strength and durability. It is a cost-effective, versatile, and non-invasive repair method that can prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of the structure.

  • Cost-effective repair solution: Cement injection grouting is used to repair small cracks and voids without the need for extensive demolition or replacement.
  • Improves the strength of the concrete: It fills cracks and voids, to provide strength, durability and resistance to future damage.
  • Non-invasive repair method: Cement injection grouting is a non-invasive repair method that avoids the need for extensive demolition and replacement, minimizing disruption to the surrounding area.
  • Versatile repair solution: Cement injection grouting can be used to repair a wide range of concrete structures, including foundations, retaining walls, bridges, and more.
  • Prevent further damage: Cement injection grouting prevents further damage to concrete by filling cracks and voids, preventing the penetration of water and other harmful substances into the repaired area.

Common Mistakes In Cement Injection Grouting


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Frequently Ask Questions

Cement injection grouting is a technique used to repair and strengthen structures by injecting a cement-based mixture into the voids and cracks of the surface. This technique is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including

  • Concrete surfaces with cracks and voids
  • Masonry walls with cracks or gaps
  • Bridges, dams, and other civil engineering structures
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Retaining walls and foundations
  • Buildings with deteriorating structural elements

Cement injection grouting is an effective way to address structural damage and prevent further deterioration of surfaces. It can improve the strength, durability, and stability of the structure, ensuring its longevity and safety.

The drying time for cement injection grouting not a tile product can vary depending on factors such as humidity, temperature, and the type of cementitious mixture used. Typically, the grout takes around 24-48 hours to dry completely.

Cement injection grouting takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully dry and cure. However, this can be affected by the humidity, temperature, and thickness of the grout layer. So, if you're looking to get a precise estimate, it's best to consult with your trusted contractor or grouting specialist.

It is required to be done once if necessary as cement grouting will fill all the gaps, voids and cracks giving a seamless crack proof area.

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