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Best Paints for walls - Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nerolac Paint

Latest house painting colour combinations

Give your home a breath of fresh air with a splash of colour! Painting your home can be a simple and cost-effective way to jazz it up. All you have to do is pick the perfect colour palette for your home. You can choose to consult our experts for unique painting ideas and colour combinations in case you need any help. 


 There are wall paint colours for every mood. The living room and the dining area are both formal spaces where you would expect to entertain your guests. Naturally, the paint for walls in these spaces must have a colour scheme that’s both welcoming and vibrant. On the other hand, private spaces such as the bedroom are for relaxing and resting. It’s, therefore, a good idea to use a warmer colour scheme and a painting design that borrows an accent from one of the decor items in the room. You can also choose to contrast warm and cool colours to give your space more oomph. For small spaces such as the restroom, you can either choose a monochromatic colour scheme or bold colours since space is already colour neutral. Check out the painting images that we have done for our clients to get a good idea. 


Paint selection is so much more important as colour selection for a house which adds durability and appearance to your dream paint application. Everyone knows painting becomes a comprehensive job if somebody makes a superior selection of paint type, it's color and worthy price which is the prime decision of every house painter. We at Aapkapainter give you a comprehensive guide on which paint to choose for a specific surface according to various factors i.e. type of surface, weather conditions.


Paint is a solution of pigment in water, oil or organic solvent which is used either for appearance or protection of a wall surface from moisture, termites etc. Paint finishes are useful to give a dashing look to a wall. According to the condition of wall different types of coats are needed on the painted area of the wall.


Different types of Paints for Wall Painting

Interior Paint Service for your Walls

Want your home interiors to look the way you always envisioned it? It’s time to give it a makeover with interior house paint. In fact, painting your interiors is the easiest and most affordable way to give it a fresh new look and a touch of charm. Looking for some inspiration to bring out your creative side? Our home painting ideas will surely stir up your imagination. Explore our interior house paint colors pictures online now! Cheer up your space and choose from a wide array of interior paint designs and chic colour combinations with our interior painting services.


Exterior Paint Services for your Walls

The first thing your guests notice even before they walk into your home is your house exteriors. Create a strong first impression with an enticing exterior house paint colour scheme. Exterior wall paint not only gives your exteriors a refreshing new look but also helps protect against mildew, sudden weather changes and water damage. You can choose from a wide range of exterior house colours for your home but we recommend you pick house paint colours that blend in with the colour scheme of the neighbouring areas to give your home an exuberant look that will enthral all onlookers. 

Wood Paints for your Furniture

Are your wooden surfaces and accessories looking worn out? What they need is a new coat of wood color paint to restore their sheen and make them look as good as new. You can choose from a variety of wooden door paint colours for your door that match your wall painting ideas. 

Metal Paints for metallic surfaces

Metal accessories especially those made of iron and steel are prone to rusting over time as they come in contact with moisture and oxygen in the air. Restore all your metal accessories to their original form and bring back their shine with the best metal paint - Asian paints metallic paint. 


Waterproof Paints for your Walls

Coat your interiors and exteriors with waterproof paint to shield them and prevent any water damage. Get Asian paints waterproofing solutions for leakage, damp walls and seepage now! Our experts at Aap Ka Painter coat your roof, bathroom walls, cracks and more with the best-in-class waterproof paint for the wall. 

Exterior Paints are further divided into below subcategories





Water-Based or Emulsion Paints

Emulsion Paints are water-based paints which are considered better than oil-based paints and these types of paints are easier to use. Such paints dry easier than other emulsion and oil-based paints. Emulsion paints can be used on interiors, exteriors as well as wooden, metal, glass and concrete surfaces. Example include Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion, Apcolite Advanced Heavy Duty Emulsion, Ace Exterior Emulsion, Apex Ultima Protek, Tractor Emulsion Advanced, Dulux Weather Shied Max, Dulux Velvet Touch – Pearl Glo, Bison Acrylic Emulsion, Rangoli Premium Acrylic Emulsion.


Properties of Emulsion Paints

Emulsion paints can be applied either by roller or brushing techniques.

Emulsion paints are non-inflammable and less odorous that is why it is safer for our health.

Emulsion paints are humidity resident so can be used in the kitchen and bathrooms easily.

These paints never crack, fade in sunlight and has color stability for a long time.

Easy to wash with water and dries quickly.

Low level of toxic emissions and no need for surface pre-treatment.


Oil Based Paints

Oil-based paints can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces and is well known for high durability and rich finish. But oil paints emit fumes than may overwhelm you.


Properties of Oil Paints

It takes longer dry time i.e. 6-8 hours and hence these paints are quite better for crack fixes

It created an attractive gloss

More resistant to moisture and usually recoatable in 16 hours

Restricted available colors ranges

Less flexible and becomes harder so it is not good for exterior timber due to cracking

Not capable of retaining its initial sheen over time due to UV

Tends to yellow in the absence of UV


Primer Paint

Paint Primer is a layer applied on a surface prior to the paint. Primer paint adds extra safety and seals the pores in permeable materials. If primers add properly then it will enhance the durability and appearance of applied paint.


Plastic Paint

This type of paint is water-based wall paint. It’s based on acrylic and provides a smooth matte finish to the walls. It gives higher durability and is not applicable for exteriors, wood and iron surfaces. Examples: Plastic Glossy Emulsions Paint, Berger Plastic Emulsion Wall Paint


Understanding of Best Wall Paint- Primer, Emulsion, Oil Painting Cost

There are so many paints available in the market, how to identify which one is an emulsion, oil, plastic or distemper? Say Royale Luxury which category of paint it belongs to? To get to that, let us first understand what distempers and emulsions are.


Emulsions are paints mainly used for interior walls and exterior surfaces of a building. These are often referred to as water-based paints or plastic paints. Interior and Exterior Paints – Emulsions are available in a variety of finishes, starting from a basic matte finish to smooth silky finishes. As the plasticity of paints increase, smoothness also increases. Commonly plastic paints are also referred to as washable paints.

Distempers are lime-based (Chuna) wall coating systems. Distempers have limited life and fade and peel off fast. Use of Distempers is reducing and wisely moving towards Emulsions, being polymeric substances that offer superior properties than Distempers and value for money. So, if you are still considering distempers for your house, it is time you move to Emulsions.


Calculate the best price to paint a house with Emulsion, Oil, Distemper Paints

Cost to Paint a house depends on various factors- no. of coats you apply, condition of walls and surface, paint quality etc. To start a painting application one must understand the need for paint quality and it’s affecting factors. We don’t promote our products or services, though you need to understand the parameters affecting the price for paint project i.e paint price, it's quality, location of the project, labour costs, and no. of coats, primer or putty needed in it. Best quality paint always is the backbone of a painting project that lasts longer and feels us proud over after such a home painting based on primer, emulsion, oil, and distemper paint.

The selection of best paint is the primary need to apply paint on walls. Paint quality directly affects the durability of a house application. Today paint products are available in different years of warranty of durability and washability depending on various factors. Aapkapainter combines all requirements together of its client and manages the overall painting project from start to till the end. We have served thousands of customers from some popular cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi fulfilling their needs as well as meet the quality standards too. Why we stand on top because of our prestige clients across India.


Best Wall Painting Paints for you @ Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi

Tired of searching online for ‘painters near me’? Let us help you find the best painters in town. Whether you’re in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or Hyderabad, we offer our painting services that cover both interiors as well as exterior painting and other services such as wooden painting and metal painting. You can also consult our experts to ascertain the right wall paint colors and wall colour combination for your home. Our experts use the best-in-class wall colour paints for your home to ensure durability and a sheen that will last really long. 


Latest home painting Designs

Your home is an extension of your personality. Breathe life into your walls and make them speak their hearts out with creative, out of the box and swanky room painting ideas. From minimalistic and simple wall painting ideas, classic rustic house painting ideas to more modern and exuberant ideas, you can choose from a variety of the latest home painting ideas that are in this season. No matter which painting design you choose for your home our experts at Aap Ka Painter will make that design an inseparable part of your home. 

A bedroom is a private space where you unwind and rest. Naturally, your bedroom paint ideas must be conducive to that. Choose bedroom paint colors for your home that have a calming effect. Browse through our bedroom colour combos and you will fall in love with some of them. Having trouble deciding which colours go best together? Get in touch with us!