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Royale Play Dune
Price : 1088
Finish: Metallic Lustre
Royale Play Safari
Price : 1088
Finish: Metallic Lustre
Royale Play Special Effects
Price : 859
Finish: Soft Sheen
Royale Play Stucco
Price : 487
Finish: High Sheen
Royale Play Metallics
Price : 1002
Finish: High Sheen

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Check for the latest texture designs 

Are you looking for a fresh and innovative way to decorate your walls? Explore texture paint designs with AapkaPainter. Available in a plethora of colours, a texture design can give bring the most subtle spaces to life. Whether you need a subtle texture paint design or a heavy texture paint, there are all kinds of ways to do it. Texture design is also excellent to give an edge to your exteriors and make your home look vibrant from the outside.

Our experienced painters can skillfully create any texture design according to the unique requirements of the customers. We give you the best brands in texture paint with some fantastic arrays of texture designs that you can miss! Check out Asian Paints price for brand new textures now.


Explore Amazing Wall Texture Ideas and Designs 

Using wall texture to add interest to your room is a great way to make your walls more meaningful. Whether you are decorating your living room or your bedroom, there are so many ways that texture design can help you enhance your walls. There are also texture designs that are multicoloured- generally with a top coat and a base coat. 

Flower Wall Texture 

Try the flower wall texture design to add a touch of life and beauty to your walls. Floral textures are best for living rooms and bedrooms.

Wood Wall Texture 

You can also try wood wall texture design to give a sense of earthiness with simplicity along with an elegant touch. Wood panel texture and wall tile texture can also work brilliantly to give an elegant effect.

Tile Wall Texture 

You can try tile wall texture design for a unique look for a rich and vibrant space. Texture paint designs can work brilliantly in light shades as well as deeper shades. 

Glass Design Texture

We also have glass design texture designs to give a unique and classy look to your walls. Modern texture designs have a refined aesthetic that may easily boost the mood of a place. New texture paint designs are available in a variety of tints and colours. 


Every texture paint can have a distinct effect on the spectator. Use texture designs in the bedroom to draw attention to the accent wall and give the space more individuality. With AapkaPainter, you can explore some brilliant options. Check out our recent projects to pick your favourite.

Types of texture paints designs

With AapkaPainter, you can get all types of texture designs that you have in your mind. Our skilful painters and experienced colour consultants have the best solutions for all your home decor needs. For interiors as well as exteriors, you can find the latest options for texture design from different brands and in different price ranges. Check our paint cost calculator to find which one would suit you the best. 

Asian Paints Texture Design

Explore the Asian Paints texture design for the best-in-class experience of home decor. Asian Paints texture design has something to offer for everyone. Its classic Royale Play design catalogue is a modern collection of the most innovative designs that can decorate your walls. 

Nerolac Paints Texture Design

Nerolac Paints texture designs are also great to consider for their high-quality finishes and eco-friendly quality. You can get a great variety of options that you will love to explore for spaces like the living room as well as your kid’s rooms.

Berger Paints Texture Design

Berger Paints texture design also offers tons of options for your different texture design demands. Whether you are decorating your office or your living room, you have some elegant and breathtaking options to explore. 

Nippon Paints Texture Design

Explore Nippon paints with AapkaPainter to get some excellent textures and paints for your home. They ensure top technology and give you long-lasting effects.

Dulux Paints Texture Design

Dulux Paints texture designs are also available in multiple shades and are perfect for your living rooms and bedrooms. Give touch off serenity and charm with powerful, new shades that are popular worldwide. 


Indigo Paints Texture Design 

You can also find some amazing options for your exteriors and interiors with Indigo Paints. Get the latest colours and textures according to your budget preferences. 


What is wall texture paint?

Wall texture paints are used to create texture designs on the walls for homes and other spaces. Texture paints are generally used for wall decoration with pigmented and metallic finishes. Texture paints have a long-lasting effect and give a vibrant look to your walls. You can get the best wall texture paints from Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nippon Paints, and Nerolac Paints. 

Textured walls are smooth?

No, textured walls are generally rough to touch and give a ragged look on the walls. The patterns can vary according to the chosen texture design and colours. They can be multicoloured or monochrome. Rough textures are great to give a warm and intimate vibe to a space.