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Royale Play Dune
Price : 1088
Finish: Metallic Lustre
Royale Play Safari
Price : 1088
Finish: Metallic Lustre
Royale Play Special Effects
Price : 859
Finish: Soft Sheen
Royale Play Stucco
Price : 487
Finish: High Sheen
Royale Play Metallics
Price : 1002
Finish: High Sheen

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What are wall texture paint?

Today wall texture paint are in high demand due to their benefits. These are water_based top coat finish with metallic pigments which evoke beautiful special effects and are available in market very easily in a wide range of colors shades. Basically wall texture paint are popular because these are denser and more pigment than the rest paints. Many of paint manufacturers are there in market but Asian Paint Royale Play series only one which has higher degree of demand among house owners, builders, tenants etc who look for restructure and repaint a house or building for their needs. Hence AapkaPainter is trusted painting contractor in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune among others who always keep you on priority to service better. We have professional designers and painters who have deep knowledge from edge to edge of painting technology and tools. Now we share our work related to wall texture containing of many special effects from Royale Play Dune, Royale Play metallics, Royale play safari, Royale play Special Effects etc. Royale Play dune wall texture paint is very rich of metallic shine. Always make a combination of texture paint as a top coat with Royale Luxury Emulsion as the base coat especially for lightening room walls spreading shining effects like Africa Jungle.

Premium Wall Texture Design Special Effects For Living Room or Bedroom

Now you are very sure why Royale Play series is the top most wall textute paint for applying wall texture design for living room at interiors of a house wall. We have plenty of wall texture design for bed room which you can see and choose from. Also you have a flexibility to select premium wall texture design for living or bedroom from wall texture paint collections. If you are keen to see the most beautiful wall texture design for your living room then we prepared a list of wall texture paint design images for you to take a guide from and hence you have a great freedom to choose from our texture wall designs in order to take a step ahead just to prepare suitable base using primer and putty application. Using wall texture paint this way gives you more option than basic eggshell, satin, or flat sheens. You can navigate more premium options available for texture painting types. Look at dramatic room walls colored with latest texture design such as color wash, fizz gives special effects to walls by adapting the different colors of light from different angels to motivate the high-quality interiors. Stay always with it. Get more information about Asian paints shades catalog available into different wall paint colors variations.

In brief, we append some popular wall texture paint design with special effects for your interior walls to make them stunning i.e Trellis, Bloom, Disc, Delta, Spiral, Criss Cross, Brushing and rest of them we are listing out i.e premium wall painting designs for your painting projects. “Hence take a look at Aapkapainter professional painters smooth wall texture painting designs using Royal Play Infinitex Top Coat special effect. Texture paint design images are the inspiration for your home painting project because they are the replacement of ancient flat wall painting ideas. Nowadays perfect texture paint design images became a trend where people want to make their living place as look like a heaven!

Our Texture Paint Design Are Different From Rivals?

We give more than hundreds of texture paint design choices to paint your house. You come with a thought to change the entire mood of your interiors and we provide you a color palette of wall textures design to fit your living room that gives you a happy painting experience by choosing a perfect matching texture design. We came to know better texture paint techniques from day to day texture painting services. Wall texture design is popular now a days among wall design lovers who are really want to reshape their rooms to give them a fantastic look. Texture painting needs less maintenance than regular paint as they camouflage dirt and conceal flaws. We at Aapkapainter not only paint your house but also advice you how to do the best repaint job over the wall surface by doing free inspection. If you have another queries before paint your project then book your free consultation now.

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Evergreen wall texture design

  • 1. Fizz
  • 2. Canvas
  • 3. Color wash
  • 4. Dapple
  • 5. Spatula

Premium wall texture design

  • 1. Delta
  • 2. Disc
  • 3. Spiral
  • 4. Trellis

Latest wall texture design

  • 1. Bloom
  • 2. Criss Cross
  • 3. Brushing

Wall texture ideas don’t stop at throws, rugs, or fabrics. From concrete to ridged metal, and from corkboard to wood slabs, there is no boundary to the inspiring materials with which to craft your exclusive paradise.

A textured wall creates a disposition that the conventional painted and papered wall can’t attain. No matter if it’s the funky laid back vibe of a seashore shack or expensive jittery lounge, a textured wall can convey your interior to an entirely new time and place – particularly one that is completely your own. And with more than a few easily implemented wall texture ideas, you can change your room into a beautiful paradise.


Explore Amazing Wall Texture Ideas and Designs


Here are some beautifully crafted latest texture designs for the wall that may let your guests experience blissful sensations.


Flower wall texture

Let’s begin with something simple yet beautiful—FLOWERS. We all love flowers. They are so arresting and stunning. Most prominently, flowers convey a sense of nature to space. The Flower wall texture designs add a feeling of vitality and color wherever they are applied.


Wood wall texture

A typical wooden texture is considered the most flexible interior décor touch that can add a rural, visual appeal to your house. By creating a wood-like granule on the central bedroom wall using the preferred wood texture paint designs, you can achieve the effect of wood that adds deepness and style to the room.


Tile wall texture

A bright and large room can be given a lighthearted touch through an ingeniously placed Tile wall texture over a focal wall.


Glass design texture

Aapka Painter can work with architects to create a stunning Glass design texture or add an enhancing interlayer, creating new patterns. Mirrored or back-painted, Glass design texture can serve as one of its kind, maintenance-friendly as well as hard-wearing wall cladding with vibrant qualities.