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Our painting cost calculator helps you find the perfect paint by considering a combination of things. We can even help you choose from a variety of top brands available, such as Asian Paints, Berger Express Paints, Nerolac Paints, and Dulux Paints. Use our calculator to compare prices with paint stores nearby to see how you can get a better deal!

Our painting charges are not fixed as they are different for types of paint, several coats applied on walls etc. However, our paint calculator tool is used to estimate accurate charges applied for a specific paint job. AapkaPainter is India’s largest house painting service in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Chennai. We provide cost-effective home solutions for different brands such as Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints, and Dulux Paints. 

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Features of our paint cost calculator

The formula for the paint quantity calculation is quite simple based on a few basic rules of thumb. You must gauge the length and height of every wall in your room that needs to be painted. Multiply the numbers to get the area of your space. Then, the area of the windows, doors, and gates must be eliminated. This calculation can give you a clear estimate to find out how many buckets of paint you will require to cover your walls adequately. 

Make sure that you have some additional paint more than your estimation to cover up for minor scratch marks or patch a wall if required.

Things to consider before calculating overall painting cost

Interior or Exterior Space Area Selection (1 BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK+)

It can make a big difference in choosing your paint if you are painting your interior or exterior walls. With AapkaPainter, you can understand which type of paint is best for interior walls and exterior walls. You can get the latest house painting colour combinations according to your unique taste and requirements. The orientation of your house will add on the quantity of paint and number of walls to be painted including ceilings.

Painting cost of an interior house

Your overall paint cost can differ based on what brand and type of paint you choose for your interior house.  Get the latest, trending home colours with AapkaPainter. We have all types of paints including distemper paint to luxury emulsions. You can choose from the latest Dulux Paints, Indigo Paints, and Nerolac Paints as well. Find the best price for Asian Paints Royale Shyne for beautiful and glamorous walls.

Painting cost of an exterior house

Your exterior paint should be able to resist external pressure, atmospheric changes, and other external factors. AapkaPainter home colour selection can give you the latest colours to make your external walls stand out beautifully. Check the Berger Roof Cool paint cost and Asian Ultima Protek price for brand new and shining exteriors. Get superior external wall painting with the colour and design expert at AapkaPainter.

Steps involved while calculating overall painting cost

Selection of high-class paints for repainting or fresh painting of walls

AapkaPainter offers you the top paint brands with an updated paint catalogue for high quality and efficient quantity depending on your unique requirements. A variety of paints are available for exteriors and interiors as per your budget and specific needs. Get the brand new collection by Royale play design, Berger Paint, Dulux Paint, Nerolac Paints, and more. 

The painting cost calculator by AapkaPainter gives you the latest price of all your favourite brands. Calculate Painting Cost Calculator For Interior And Exterior Of Your House. Whatever colours, textures, or patterns you choose- we give a detailed customized quotation depending on your exact needs. Check the latest Dulux Paints price, Royale Aspira price, Indigo Paints price and Asian Paint rate. You can also get the latest wall putty price and plastic paint cost for painting requirements. 

Our modern paint calculator offers you a range of services to identify your budget, spatial dimensions, wall surface area and then, accordingly give the best estimate. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large bungalow, we have the best combinations and paint types. You get a clear idea of how much paint per sq ft is required and accordingly you can adjust your budget as per your necessity.


AapkaPainter offers you a basic paint category based on your unique preferences. You can avail a variety of long-lasting matte and glossy finish paints that give a neat and tidy look to your homes. You can choose between all your best brands. Get the best distemper paint and plastic paint along with emulsions by Royal Play, Indigo Paints and more. Get options between a thousand colour combinations to get a beautiful and stunning home.


AapkaPainter offers a standard paint category to get high-quality paint that can have a smooth, shiny and long-lasting finish. You can get a variety of high standard colours, textures, and finishes. You can also get your favourite brands including Indigo Paints, Dulux Paints, Nerolac Paint, and Royal Play design. You can get standard luxury emulsions as well as enamel paints for your interiors and exteriors. Get beautiful and trendy looks with shades that long last.


We also offer you an economical category for low budget projects. Get the best matte finish paints by Asian Paints, Indigo Paints, Berger Paints, and Nerolac for a beautiful home filled with vibrant colours. You can get the latest options available in the market including distempers and plastic paint. Avail them all at the best price possible with AapkaPainter.

Paint selection for ceiling

When you are renovating your homes, you cannot miss out on the ceiling. The ceiling is an important part of your home decor that can change the vibe and look of your space. Light shade ceilings are generally preferred to give a sense of expansion in your room. But you can also choose among other shades depending on the unique dimensions of your space.

Painting Price Calculator

Asian Paints Price Calculator

AapkaPainter offers you the top paint manufacturers in India and Asian Paints is a favourite. Our paint calculator gives you the exact estimate according to the Asian Paints price list 2020 PDF. Get the latest Asian Paints Shyne colour price, Asian Ultima Protek price, and Asian Royale Paint cost. Our Asian Paints calculator offers the best price based on your unique adjustments to give you the best estimate.

Dulux Paints Price Calculator

Get the latest Dulux Paint cost with the AapkaPainter paint calculator. You can avail all their brand new shades for interiors as well as exteriors. Explore rich and vibrant Dulux Paints that can give a new sensation to your rooms. Our design experts can further help you to get the best colour combinations. Get the perfect cost of painting a house per square foot in India.

Nerolac Paints Price Calculator

Explore Nerolac Paints with the AapkaPainter paint calculator. Check the latest Nerolac primer paint cost, 20 litres. Check out brand new house painting designs and colours to give a breath of life to your space. Find the updated Nerolac Paints price to fit your budget and get the most beautiful home in your neighbourhood.

Berger Paints Price Calculator

AapkaPainter offers you prices better than Berger Express painting cost as the paint calculator gives you the exact estimate of your needs and requirements. Check the latest Berger Paints price. We give you the best options according to the Berger Paints price list. Find stunning options to get the best technology paints by Berger. Check the Berger Anti-dust paint cost 20 litres and other Berger Paints price 20 litres.

Indigo Paints Price Calculator

We offer you the best Indigo Paint cost according to your unique demands and specifications. Indigo Paints is one of the top painting manufacturers in India. A variety of stunning high technology options are available based on your decor and colouring requirements.  Explore Indigo acrylic laminate paint cost along with other great options.


How much does a painter charge per room?

The labour cost for a painter to paint the walls of your room can depend on the time of year, the kind of project, as well as the level of experience required. 

How much would it cost to paint a 1600 sq ft house?

There are more than a few cost factors that influence the cost of hiring a painter. They take account of:

  • The size of the space to be painted
  • Drying time
  • The texture of your walls

How much would it Paint cost of an exterior or interior house?

To figure out how much paint you require to paint the exterior of the house, compute the perimeter and the distance around the house. After that, calculate the height of the house, from the foundation to the roof. Multiply the perimeter with height to get the total square footage. For evaluation purposes, it would help you make out that the average exterior wall has an altitude of nine ft, for every story. Carry out separate calculations for porches, gables, sheds as well as attachments.

How many square feet would five gallons of paint incorporate?

By and large, a quart of paint covers around 100 square feet. Moreover, a gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet. Some extra considerations before you start plugging numbers into the paint calculator take account of:

  • Unpainted and dry walls soak up more paint.
  • Apply two coats of paint to patches, unfinished or dark-coloured surfaces.
  • Add a touch to white primer when painting over dark colours. Make use of a tint shade that directly matches the paint colour.

How much would it cost to paint a 6000 sq ft house?

A larger space will take a longer duration of time to paint. Hence more supplies, in addition to more time, would be needed. 

Walls with a coarser texture will call for more paint applied than on even and smooth walls.

Moreover, added to the price is the total time it takes for the first coat to dry before being able to put in the second coat.

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