What are common causes of Paint Failure?

Paint failure is a common phenomenon and it occurs on a large scale. A paint job is not a permanent job. The 2-3 layers of color coating usually measure about 40-50 mm in thickness after drying. Paint comes off of the walls eventually and it requires the renewal after a certain period of time. The […]

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Interior Painting ideas

Interior Painting Ideas for your Home

A colorful interior is an essential part of a beautiful household. An eye- catching interior puts a good impression on the audience and makes the home lively. The interior painting ideas have been suggested below to help you plan a beautiful interior. House Entrance A beautiful house entrance is a way to go. Painting outer walls […]

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Interior painting of a house

Colors speak the language of beauty and a well-painted interior of a house is the beauty. Interior painting is an essential part of house maintenance.  Though interior house painting makes the appearance of a house easy on eyes, there are some steps that are must follow. These steps are necessary to carry out the painting […]

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What are the different wood finishes?

Wood Finishes protect the wooden surfaces from moisture and make its appearance richer and deeper. Wood finish is different than painting in a way that, painting hides the original wooden surface while Wood finishes improve the appearance of the surface.  The term finish can also represent several coats of finish or an entire build-up of […]

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How To Paint Exterior of Your Apartment?

To paint an exterior walls is more of science than art. The process of exterior painting of an apartment is not an easy come and easy done. It requires lots of pre-planning and well-organized working strategy.  While making the master plan to paint the exterior of the apartment, various factors are needed to be taken into […]

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Why is surface preparation important before painting?

Surface preparation is time-consuming but skipping it would not do any favors to the overall painting job. Durability of any painting coat depends upon complete and careful preparation of the surface before painting. The surface should be even and smooth. Any cracks, and holes or any other imperfections do not let the paint adhere correctly […]

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7 Simple And Easy Resolutions for Home

2017 is already here and we wonder how the years pass so quickly. Every New Year we promise ourselves things like better health, better finance, better everything in life. However, one thing that remains unattended is having a better and beautiful home. Let’s take some oaths for our homes because a home is a constant support […]

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How to make your homes Christmas ready

Spread the Love Tweet   Best time of the year just round the corner. Excitement levels are soaring high. Preparations are to their best. So, as these fun filled days are approaching, let’s look at the things that need to be taken care of at home to make it look Christmas ready! Get rid of […]

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foremost important step to achieve desired and long lasting painting results is figuring out the right paint, suiting your needs and requirements.

How to choose right paint at right price for you

Spread the Love Tweet   Planning to paint your homes? While painting homes, is quickest way to give your homes an amazing makeover, the hard part is choosing the right paint for your painting needs. Whether you are doing interior painting or exterior painting, or a coat or two on metal or wood, primary and […]

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How to Decorate Interiors of Small Houses

Spread the Love Tweet Small houses, are a beauty in themselves. You feel warm and close to your loved ones and things. Homes, however spacious may be,would appear no less than incomplete, without that warmth of family and friends, the aura of your belongings that have that vibe and connect. Here are some interesting ideas […]

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