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Looking for waterproofing solutions near me? AapkaPainter has got you covered! We offer the latest waterproofing services with advanced technology and branded products. Waterproofing has become a very important step in modern home construction. It has proven to be a strong precaution against damages caused by temperature imbalances, atmospheric pressure, and other factors. 


AapkaPainter offers a variety of waterproofing solutions according to your unique budget. Check the waterproofing cost calculator for a clear understanding of cost estimates. With a variety of brands and services, waterproofing prices can change for different projects. The rates will depend on multiple factors including your surface area, technique, and materials used. Your location and house construction can also make a big difference to determine the cost of waterproofing services. 


AapkaPainter can give you the most trustworthy solutions that have been tried and tested. We have completed thousands of projects across India and we ensure you complete safety and satisfaction with our services. 

Dr Fixit Waterproofing Products 

Dr Fixit is one of the most renowned brands for waterproofing and home construction solutions. We offer you the latest Dr Fixit waterproofing solutions that have satisfied thousands of customers over many years. Dr Fixit waterproofing solutions can be applied for roofs, terraces, bathrooms, and walls as well. Get 100% satisfaction with quality assurance and long-term results. 


You can get all the products including Dr Fixit Roofseal, Sure Shield, Torchsheild and more! You must try Dr Fixit roof waterproofing for leakage and crack-free ceilings. Dr Fixit has the best solutions for your bathroom and general wall leakages as well. Get the best Dr Fixit waterproofing price with AapkaPainter.


Types of Waterproofing 

There are many types of waterproofing that you must consider while your home construction. Waterproofing is important not only for your roof and basement but also for bathrooms and every wall. Try our latest waterproofing cost calculator to get the complete price estimate of your waterproofing project. 

Roof and Terrace Waterproofing 

Roof and terrace waterproofing is absolutely necessary for modern constructions to avoid leakage and cracks for your ceilings. We offer you multiple types of waterproofing to help you with your unique needs. Our waterproofing coating will last several years giving you the best comfort in your home. Terrace waterproofing cost can begin from Rs 300 per sq ft.

Wall Waterproofing

Noticed wall paint peeling and cracks? Wall waterproofing solutions by AapkaPainter can help you solve this problem easily. Wall waterproofing can be applied before and after your home painting to ensure extra protection against weather conditions and cracks caused due to pressure.


Bathroom Waterproofing 

Bathroom is the one space in the house that faces maximum humidity at all times. Humidity and moisture can cause slippage and cracks on the ceilings and walls. AapkaPainter offers the latest bathroom waterproofing solutions to make your bathroom a place where you can relax.


Basement Waterproofing 

The basement is the foundation of your building. But it is also prone to damages to waterlogging and sewage. AapkaPainter offers advanced basement waterproofing services to make your basement stronger. Our waterproofing solutions will ensure that your basement remains strong in every situation and hence, make your living hazardless.


Materials used for Waterproofing 

There are a variety of waterproofing materials that can be used depending on individual projects. Our waterproofing cost calculator calculates your project cost according to the waterproofing material used.


Waterproofing Cement 

We offer cementitious waterproofing for your roofs and walls to protect your walls against damages. Multiple brands offer high-quality waterproof cement for this purpose. We choose the best cement coating to ensure long-lasting durability. 


Waterproofing Chemical 

Certain chemicals are also used in waterproofing processes. Epoxy-grout and vinyl ester resin are common waterproofing materials. Polyurethane liquid is also a popular waterproofing chemical for roof that can protect against heat, water, and multiple other problems. 


Steps to Calculate Waterproofing Price 

Multiple factors are taken into account when calculating the waterproofing services price. Our waterproofing cost calculator takes into account all these factors to give you a precise estimate.


  • Spatial dimensions include floor area and parapet area

You can calculate the floor area by measuring all the sides. Multiply the length with the breadth to get the total area. You can remove the areas that are not included in the waterproofing project. The parapet area can similarly be calculated by measuring the length of the parapet and then multiplying it with the height.


  • The surface for waterproofing and type of material used

The previous surface may affect the process and application of waterproofing coating. The kind of material that has been used before may have to be removed in some cases.


  • The method of waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is among the cheapest waterproof services. Liquid waterproofing and polyurethane waterproofing may cost more as they also offer higher protection against temperature conditions. Other methods of waterproofing will also differ in cost based on the material and application process. 


  • Age of the building

The age of the building is a huge factor when considering waterproofing for certain methods. New buildings are much easier to operate rather than older buildings. 


  • Previous work done on the surface

If you have got work on the surface before, this may have to be removed if damaged. This will be added to the overall cost. If the previous work done does not interfere with the current project, no extra cost will be added.


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In modern construction, waterproofing cannot be ignored. Getting the right waterproof material can help to increase the stability of your home, and also add to the life expectancy of your construction. Avoiding waterproofing may result in multiple chunks of unnecessary cost that will increase your stress and burden in the long run.


AapkaPainter offers the best waterproofing services testified by thousands of customers in multiple cities of India. Our team of engineers is highly experienced in dealing with multiple types of projects. We also offer painting services to beautify your homes further. You can get everything from wall waterproofing to roof waterproofing. No matter what kind of house you own, waterproofing is a must to ensure greater comfort and relaxation in your home. 


Our modern waterproofing cost calculator can help estimate the waterproofing cost based on your city and location. We consider many factors including surface area and materials used to get the best estimate possible according to your needs and budget.


Which Solution will be best for Waterproofing?

There are many types of waterproofing and each of them has its own benefits. Epoxy grout and vinyl resin systems are some of the best waterproofing solutions. Cementitious waterproofing can work well for certain areas and bituminous waterproofing can also be very effective for heavy rainfall areas.

What things to keep in mind before calculating Waterproofing cost?

The waterproofing cost will include factors like surface area, parapet area for terraces, the material used for waterproofing, the type of surface that needs to be waterproofed, and if any previous work has been done on the surface. The age of the building and application process can also affect the waterproofing cost.