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Download our Asian Paints shade card PDF to explore our brilliant colors in a spectrum of wonderful shades. The Asian Paints Royale shade card offers vibrant colors for all the rooms and space in your house. You should also check out the Asian Paints Enamel shade card and Tractor Emulsion shade card to explore the vibrant shades in different types of paints.

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Revival 11


Inky Sea


Forest Canopy


Purple Blush


12 Wood




Earthy 11


Spirit Island


Winter Morn


Dark Water


Nickel Grey



Use Asian Paints shade cards to create a modern and stylish exterior look for your apartments and houses. Your exteriors give the first impression of your space and they should exude confidence and a strong composition.


High-rise buildings and apartments are the symbols of urban architecture. There are a variety of ways to accentuate the details of the apartment exterior. You cannot go wrong with our classic range of colors and textures. Explore the vibrant colors of Asian Paints color cards to find the perfect colors for your building. We offer high-quality paints of all types that ensure that your exteriors can battle all climate conditions to give your place the perfect look.

Independent House / Villa

Your independent house or villa should give your guests the perfect welcome surprise with our perfect range of colors. Asian Paints color shades create the perfect composition for your exterior look with modern and stylish colors. We can help you create a striking color combination with complementary shades, textures, and eclectic designs.

Commercial building/work place

Your offices and workspaces should evoke professionalism from a distance for new interns and fresh collaborators. Asian Paint color shades offer strong and bold colors that can represent your company. You can sync your exterior paints according to your business logo and use our range of colors, textures, and designs to create the perfect accents for your space.

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1. What are the different types of Asian paints?

Best paints are Asian Paints Royale Play, Tractor Emulsion, Asian Paints Apex, and Apcolite.

2. How many colours by Asian Paints are available?

More than 2200 shades are available.

3.Will I get safe painting?

Yes. Aapka Painter follows full safety protocols for painting.

4. How can I get colour consultancy?

You can get colour consultancy with Aapka Painter by booking an appointement on website and after the payment of Rs 999/-

5. How to decide the best colours for my walls?

You can decide the best colours depending on the light, spatial dimensions, and other factors. Our colour consultancy can apty help you with it.

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Which is better Asian Paints Ace vs Apex Exterior?

Asian Paints Apex is quite better than Ace. However, Ace paints are better than cement based paints but it is acrylic paint. Asian Paints Ace is not much resistance to algal and fungal. Ace paints are used in those areas but no occurrence of rainfall and darker ace paints fade quickly.

How Much Paint Do We Need To Paint House Walls?

Aapkpainter – India’s best painting service provider: Just launched a very powerful and efficient tool for calculating the estimated cost of painting a house or room wall. Our interior paint calculator helps you to determine the optimized painting cost according to different brand paints.

How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of wall paint colors. Also, the quality of paints is as important as it’s color.


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Our range of colors with our professional usage of textures and stencils won't dissapoint you. We offer assisstance from helping you decide your perfect home to getting the perfect finish for your walls.

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Asian Paint Shade Cards


Shade cards can go a long way in helping one decide the color palette for particular rooms and the house. Asian paint shade card have a vast number of options with the minutest of differences in the shades that will help bring out the interiors of the house and enhance the charm.


Asian Paint Shade Card Online


Find the Asian Paint color book online and look for the shades and palettes that would suit your house. Find a brilliant spectrum of vibrant hues in the Asian Paints color catalogue. For different rooms of the house, you can choose multiple shades along with the wall painting design ideas that would represent your personality. To be able to plan effectively, understand the budgetary requirement by using the paint cost calculator for an approximate estimate of the paint cost for each room. 


The designs and patterns available in the Asian Paint color card will leave you in awe. The freedom to choose from the existing Asian Paints color shades would give you complete control over the painting of your home. 


Explore the Variants of Asian Paints Colour Shades Catalogue 


To fill the space in your house using the Asian Paint Shade card would be a great idea. With the help of the colour visualizer, it would be easy to envision and use the Asian color chart to paint the different rooms of the house. The Asian paint colour card comes with a variety of options for different parts of the house. Options like - Asian paints oil paint shade card and many others can be opted for. 


Asian Paints Royale Shade Cards 


Asian paints royale shades are many in number and can fill the spaces in the house and different rooms with a vibrant look and good energy. Choose from a plethora of beautiful and contemporary colors that fit your choice. This Asian paints royale catalogue has another palette that offers elegant shades which could be used for the office space as well. The neutral colors would go well with a business and formal look while the vibrant ones can be used for the kids’ rooms. The several blends are perfect for the walls of the house, office space, outdoors, patio, etc. 


Asian Paints Enamel Shade Cards 


Another variety that offers a smooth, plain, and shiny texture to the walls can be found in the Asian Paints enamel shade card. For longer walls like ones in the living room, back of the bedroom wall, kitchen, corridors, garages, etc, this Asian paint color book would do a wonderful job. A sub-variant of this shade card is the satin paints that offer the walls a satin-like feel and texture which would be perfect for the houses that are looking for a classy and elegant feel. Explore this Asian Paints colour shades card and find what you are looking for. 


Apex Ultima Shade Cards for Exterior Painting 


The Asian Paints catalogue also offers shade cards for apex ultima paints that provide the customers with the best and wide range of color options for the exterior parts of houses and buildings. Choosing the paints wisely for different parts of the house is a huge task in itself. Make sure to provide the external part of the house with a plethora of options using the Asian paints exterior shade card. These are the colors with paints of the highest quality which would be durable in different weather conditions. Find options in the best price range without compromising the quality.


Tractor Emulsion Shade Cards 


For house painting ideas, you want a clean finish that would not cause a lot of sheen on the interiors and exterior portions of the walls. Find your solution to this with the tractor emulsion shade card that would also give you the option of choosing from an excellent and beautiful range of colors. Modern options, rustic vibes, trendy colors, neutral tones, you can get them all in one place with this Asian paint color book. The tractor emulsion shyne cards are exclusively made for people with a trendier and bold choice with options that are both light and dark. 


Premium and Stylish Asian Paint Shade Cards for your Home Décor 


Enjoy the process of decorating your home with the help of the wall Asian paints color book. Use the color scheme of your choice for different rooms or even parts of the room. These days, with the plethora of ideas, a shaded pattern for walls also works wonders. 


Asian Paint Shade Card for Interior & Exterior


Painting the walls of the house can be done in different ways – a DIY project, a contractor, and using different interior paint ideas. With the available styles of paints available, you can feel free to choose the combinations, textures, and stencils customized to your taste. Asian paints interior colour combination can be used extensively for the walls of the house. Additionally, the Asian shade card can also be used for the exteriors of the house for the best possible materials and paints that would leave a lasting result. Choose the shades and designs carefully but liberally for the different rooms. 


Asian Paint Shade Card for Living Room


The living room paint ideas are endless. Recently, the ideas have shifted towards a contemporary style that calls for more neutral shades or minimal prints. Use the living room Asian paints shade card to check for the stencils and designs. Opt for a contrast look in the colors – for example, if the couches and furniture are more neutral, the paint for the living room can be a different and more unique shade to help the furniture pop out. Decide the other aspects of décor like wall paintings, hangings, lights, etc depending on the shades you choose and brighten the room. 


Asian Paint Color Book for Bedroom


Personalize your bedroom using the Asian colour shade by selecting the colors you resonate with the most. Luckily for you, the brand has curated a special bedroom Asian paints colour book that uses the colors and styles of paints that would look the best on a bedroom wall. Not only different styles but also several stencil options that you can use for your room that are personal and meaningful to you. If you are a nature-lover, use the stencils like leaves, trees, birds, moon, stars, etc accordingly. Similarly, other designs and Asian colour chart are also available for your bedrooms.


Why to Choose Aapka Painter?


This reliable and trusted brand, Aapka Painter, is associated with several other renowned brands and offers services from top companies in the Indian market like – Nerolac Paints shade cards, Dulux Paints shade cards, and also Berger Paints shade cards. These associations allow their customers complete transparency and the opportunity to choose from the best options in the market. Along with these, services like painting assistance, unique shades, different varieties of products, etc are also offered. Choose the best in the business and ensure that your house looks stunning for a long time with the best products, services, and affordable prices.