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While we all like to relish the rain by sitting by the window with a book and a cup of hot coffee, this same pleasant scenario could quickly turn into an ordeal if your roof or ceiling isn’t waterproof as water dripping on your head doesn’t make for a very pleasant experience now, does it? Protect your ceiling and walls from water damage by coating them with waterproof paint. The waterproof paint for the wall that we use shields them from damping not allowing rainwater to penetrate. 


Remember that even small leakages can cause problems such as the formation of mould, ruined ceiling, insulation troubles to name a few and that’s why you shouldn’t ignore even a tiny bit of water seepage. Apply a coat of waterproof cement paint with the help of professional experts and for a hassle-free experience, get in touch with us at Aap Ka Painter. But before you apply a coat of waterproof colour paint it’s recommended that you apply a coat of primer to help better protect your roof and increase the durability of Asian Paints waterproofing paint. Avail our waterproofing solutions now to protect your home. 


Waterproof Painting Design for Apartment, Single house and Malls


What do you do when you purchase an expensive phone? Don’t you buy a back cover for the phone in the off chance of an accident? Similarly, waterproof exterior paint protects your house from water damage. Not just your house but waterproofing is essential for all spaces both residential as well as commercial. You can also coat your interiors with waterproof paint for interior walls to avoid any damping or water seepage. Rest assured, we at Aap Ka Painter only use the best waterproof paint for your home. Get in touch with us to coat your home with waterproof paint for a wall today.


Waterproof Paints Catalogue


 Are you thinking of using special designs for your walls? In that case, it’s a no brainer that you would want them to last for a long time. It would be a good idea to use waterproof cement paint instead of normal paint just to be completely safe. The waterproof paint will help protect those intricate designs on the walls from water seepage and won’t let the paint lose its sheen easily. Also, note that the waterproof paint price would be the market price of the respective paint. You can always consult our experts at Aap Ka Painter in case you have any queries or need help to decide which waterproof paint to buy or choose the right colour combinations and texture designs for your home. 


Best Wall Painting Paints for you @ Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi


Tired of searching for waterproofing contractors in Mumbai? Well, not just Mumbai but waterproofing contractors in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. You don’t have to go through all that trouble as we provide the right waterproofing solutions for your home. All you have to do is book an appointment on our website or reach us on 8088777173. Also, we use the best-in-class waterproofing solutions such as Asian paints waterproofing paint that not only help shield against water damage but also protects against dust. So what are you waiting for? 


Metal Painting Price and Designs


Planning on giving your walls a nice metallic finish? If your home is prone to water seepage, mould formation or paints peeling off, you might want to use waterproof paint instead of normal metallic paint for your walls. We recommend that you check the waterproof paint price and Asian paints waterproof primer price online so that you can ascertain your budget accordingly. Choose the shade of your choice and don’t let just your budget stop you from getting that. Splash waterproof paint on your walls for enhanced durability and an extra layer of protection against rainwater, mould and dust.


Different types of waterproofing


Cementitious waterproofing: Ease of application is perhaps the biggest advantage of cementitious waterproofing, however, since cement isn’t flexible enough, it’s prone to cracks and leaks.


Liquid waterproofing membrane: Suited for all types of roof surfaces such as flat, dome-shaped and pitched roof. 


Bituminous membrane waterproofing: Great for residential and commercial spaces but it must be handled with care as the bitumen is combustible at high temperatures


Polyurethane waterproofing: Compared to other waterproofing systems, Polyurethane waterproofing doesn’t require as much skill or supervision and is rather easy to install and can resist water, oils and other chemicals.