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Nerolac is a premium and innovative brand of paints that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lead-free. Check out the Nerolac Color shade card PDF to explore all the colors. The Nerolac Enamel paint shade card also provides amazing options for interior decor. Our color palette consists of a wide range of shades and tones for all kinds of space including homes and offices.

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Nerolac is a trusted paint brand for over 50 years. Our paints are popular for their awesome color and variety. The Nerolac color catalog can serve a variety of spaces and create the optimum environment for all kinds of purposes. Beautiful exterior color palettes can be chosen with the Nerolac Paint shade card PDF.


Create beautiful and stylish apartments with Nerolac. Your apartment should give a trendy appearance from a distance and great exteriors can make it more welcoming. Our high-quality paints and finishes can ensure that your exterior paint can last you for a long period of time with low maintenance.

Independent House / Villa

A lovely exterior can make a striking impression on anyone who passes by your house. Renovate your house or villa with the brand new colors of Nerolac. The Nerolac color catalog can help you choose the best layouts for your house exteriors. Our bright and vibrant shades can give a stand-out look to your place. With high-quality paint, your villa can stand the test of time despite all weather conditions.

Commercial building/work place

A beautiful office can attract better employees as well as clients. Resonate your commercial spaces with Nerolac. Check out bold and trendy colors to represent your company in the Nerolac color shade card PDF. Our bright and vibrant shades can create striking color combinations that make your building more appealing for better endeavors.

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Nerolac Paint Shade Card

Nerolac has been a trusted brand for quality painting services. It offers various types of paints for multiple purposes for homes as well as offices. All the colours of your choice can be found in the Nerolac shade cards. There are bright and vibrant colours but also soft and simple shades for minimalistic spaces. These rich colours can instantly transform your space into modern and sophisticated zones of comfort. The Nerolac paint shade card offers different shades and textures to design beautiful and functional spaces.

Nerolac colour shade cards can give you an interesting variety of colours that you can apply in different combinations. You can experiment with different colours or you can choose a colour palette of your choice and proceed with it. You can refer to the Nerolac colour chart to find all the shades and their gradients. The Nerolac exterior paint shade card can provide you with some excellent shades for grand and striking exteriors. The Nerolac enamel shade card is also worth checking out to find some excellent shades for elegant decor. We provide high-quality paint products with smooth finishes that can last for a long time with lesser maintenance.

Explore the variants of Nerolac Shade Card

You can find beautiful colours with the Nerolac shade card for all your home decor needs. Bright, vibrant, and colourful hues can cheer up any space with refreshing vibes. Choose Nerolac paint shade cards to find a smart mix of traditional and modern colours. You can use the Nerolac paints colour chart to find the perfect shade and tone of the colour your desire. Choosing the right shade can make a huge difference in the impact of the colour. Also, explore our amazing interior and exterior wall texture for your homes.

Nerolac Paint Shade Card By Aapkapainter

You can find a beautiful range of colours by Nerolac with Aapkapainter. The Nerolac paint shade card is updated with brand new shades that are perfect for a refreshing renovation in the current times. Check out the Nerolac enamel paint shade card and Nerolac metallic paint shade card for amazing colours and textures that can make your wall stand out in a classy way.

You can refer to the Nerolac paints colour chart to find the perfect shade that can go along with your chosen colour scheme and the effect that you desire from it. Nerolac paints colour shades are perfect for spaces in homes like living rooms, bedrooms, and kids room. Aapkapainter helps you decide the best colour according to your overall preferences and needs. Explore our amazing room colour combinations to get you started on your home renovation process.

Paint your Walls With Nerolac Colour Shades

Nerolac colour shades can give your home the much-awaited facelift. Try their vibrant and elegant shades that can inspire modern and sophisticated homes that will cheer up your senses. The Nerolac colour chart shows the various gradients of each colour. You can also use the chart to find out the best colour combinations for your homes and office spaces. These colours are available in different types of paints that safe to use and easy to maintain. The Nerolac paint colour chart is a useful tool for smart home designs. Check out our amazing wall texture designs to give an edge to your creative look.

Perfect colour for your Walls by Nerolac Colour Chart

Choose the perfect Nerolac colour shade to give your space a lively and cheerful aura. The Nerolac colour chart provides excellent options by giving you all the shades and hues altogether. You can compare different shades and tones with the help of the Nerolac paints colour chart and make the best decision for your walls.

Nerolac colour cards can be used to get a better idea of how the colours will look with different lights and spaces. All the colours are available in a variety of textures and sheen levels for different kinds of spaces. Check out the Nerolac distemper colour chart to find the best shades in distempers for your space. Distempers are among the most cost-effective options that also provide a decent sheen level and they are also easy to maintain and repaint. Also, explore our amazing wall painting designs for beautiful spaces.

Which colour shades make your bedroom better?

Beautiful bedrooms can be created with Nerolac paint shade cards. You can choose among a huge range of shades according to the decor and lighting of your room. The Nerolac colour catalogue can help you identify the colour names and colour codes. The Neroalc paints colour chart can help you find the correct tone, temperature, and gradient of your desired colour.

A bedroom space should be relaxing and comforting. The colours should have a soothing effect that can calm your senses. Light shades from the Nerolac colour card are preferred for small bedrooms that will give a better sense of space. Pastel shades are a popular option for bedrooms. Dark and rich Nerolac colour shade cards can also be used for accent walls. They can give a better definition to your room if used with the right texture and light effects.

What are the types of colour shades for wood paintings?

Wooden surfaces should be painted with special paint available for wood specifically to give a longer life and protection to the wood. Beautiful shades and colours are available for wood paintings. The Nerolac oil paint shade card provides some excellent hues that can redefine the wooden effect and give it a lasting finish. Explore the Nerolac wood paints shade card for the best wood paints that are safe to apply and also easy to maintain.

The Nerolac paints colour catalogue can provide you with the complete range of the colours along with their colour codes. Check out the Nerolac Suraksha Plus colour chart for classic colours that are perfect for exposed wooden surfaces and exteriors. These paints are perfectly safe for homes and give a vibrant effect. They protect the wooden surface and give the much-needed facelift to your homes.

Which the best colour combination for the living room?

Your living rooms are the most important spaces of your homes. You can choose a colour combination that can have to give a cheerful appearance to the living room. The Nerolac paint color chart can help you identify the best shades for your living room by providing a range of beautiful and striking shades. The Nerolac colour cards give you modern and elegant options that will definitely give you a lot of inspiration. Choose colours that are complementary to give a bold and cheerful look. The Nerolac colour fan deck can be used for testing the colours with light and shade effects.