Re-painting Process

If you are planning to upgrade existing paint finish or change of colours

Crack Filling, 1 coat of Primer and 2 coats of Paint

Fresh-painting Process

If you are planning to upgrade existing paint finish or change of colours

2 coats of Putty, 1 coat of Primer and 2 coats of Paint

Paints Products

Ace Emulsion
Price : 178
Finish: Matt
Price : 120
Finish: Matt
Price : 134
Finish: Matt
Weathershield Sunreflect
Price : 502
Finish: Mid Sheen/Matt
Super Shaktiman
Price : 120
Finish: Smooth Matt
Xtra Tough
Price : 372
Finish: Smooth Matt
Kool & Seal
Price : 296
Finish: Matt
Procoat e101
Price : 191
Finish: Matt
Apex Emulsion
Price : 278
Finish: Low Sheen
Apex Ultima
Price : 373
Finish: High Sheen
Apex Ultima Protek
Price : 460
Finish: Rich Sheen
Suraksha Plus
Price : 160
Finish: Sheen
Suraksha Advanced
Price : 190
Finish: Sheen
Excel Total
Price : 320
Finish: Sheen
Excel Tile Guard
Price : 283
Finish: Sheen
WeatherCoat Smooth
Price : 250
Finish: High Sheen
WeatherCoat All Guard
Price : 375
Finish: High Sheen
Premium Exterior Emulsion
Price : 0
Finish: Mid Sheen
Weathershield Max
Price : 306
Finish: Mid Sheen
Weathershield Powerflexx
Price : 395
Finish: Mid Sheen
Weathershield Ultra Clean
Price : 0
Finish: Mid Sheen
Weathershield Waterproof
Price : 230
Finish: Mid Sheen
Weathershield Sunreflect
Price : 502
Finish: Mid Sheen/Matt
Self Clean Luxury Emulsion
Price : 497
Finish: High Sheen (Smooth)
Procoat e301
Price : 313
Finish: Low Sheen
Procoat e501
Price : 403
Finish: Low Sheen
Price : 0
Finish: Flat, Satin & Gloss

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Best Exterior Painting Service

Explore the variants of house exterior painting 

When you are getting your house exterior painting, there are a variety of paints that you will know about. It’s about having a clear idea of all variants before finalizing the right finish and texture of your exterior painting. Different walls may need different types of paints depending on their location and functionality. We can simplify the process of choosing the right exterior wall paint by offering you a wide range of options to choose from. We offer you the best colour combination for house exterior painting without compromising on the quality of the finished project. Check out our collection of interior and exterior wall textures for your homes.

Asian Paints Exterior Paint

Check out Asian Paints exterior wall paint to have the perfect colours in the best quality. We offer a wide range of Asian Paints exterior colour combinations that will enhance the look of your walls to a great degree. Our high technology ensures that your wall paints last for several years with low maintenance.

Berger Exterior Paint

Berger paints offer an amazing collection of colours and shades in high-quality finishes. These paints are made to last for a long time against weather calamities and other problems. Explore the Berger paints exterior colour combination to renovate your spaces with vibrant and soothing shades. You can explore many options with Berger paints exterior house colours images.

Nippon Exterior Paint

Explore beautiful and elegant shades and tones for your house with Nippon paints. We offer the best Nippon paint exterior for your walls that can be resistant against the ravages of time. You can have a great exterior home painting experience with Nippon that can give a welcoming first impression to any visitor.

Nerolac Exterior Paint

Nerolac paints have been known to provide excellent sheen and weather resistance. Use Nerolac exterior paint for high-quality paint finishes in vibrant and bright colours. We can offer amazing Nerolac paints exterior colour combinations that can uplift the vibe and personality of your homes for a long time with low maintenance.

Dulux Exterior Paint

Dulux offers excellent colours and tones for homes and offices. Explore Dulux exterior paint for a variety of shades with high-quality and excellent weather-resistant capacities. Choose among the best colour combinations for your house exterior to give a striking effect. You can explore a plethora of house painting ideas with Aapkapainter for your homes in the most convenient price range options.


Top exterior painting colour combinations for your Home/Office 

Explore our amazing variety of exterior paint combinations for your homes and offices. Choosing the right exterior wall paint colour combination gives the first impression about your taste and personality to the viewers. With our exciting range of shades, textures, and wall designs- you can get the best exterior paint combinations without any hassle. You can go for strong colours with neutral accents to give a bold look. Or else, you can try soothing shades for a natural look that matches the environment. We offer exterior house colours combinations that can give a stand-out look to your space. Check out our range of exterior wall colour combinations to revamp your space.

Best Exterior Paint Colour Ideas and Paint Selection Techniques

To make exterior painting a successful move, you have to do more expenses and effort beyond thoughts. Exterior painting is not just only for fun and makeover an outdoor area but also must ensured to be high protective against cracking, peeling, fading in freezing winter, blistering summers, and soaking rain. To get high performance in exterior painting, use exterior house paint with high quality colours, resins, pigments, and additives. Today paint technology became more advanced and you must know the acrylic formulations of exterior paint. Acrylic paints made the exterior painting task fairly comprehensive and simple. To see the best comparison between Asian paints exterior paint and related products w.r.t price per liter, finishes, brand, and wash ability browse Aapkapainter gallery of superior exterior paint products.

Exterior house painting is a combination of processes including preparation of the surface, selection of exterior paint colours and its type. Follow our exterior paint tips and ideas for running your exterior paint application smoother and durable. Before you start painting of exteriors, you must consider below mentioned parameters before applying paint on walls of your house.

  • 1. What is the condition of surface?
  • 2. Is it a fresh painting or repainting?
  • 3. What material is the surface made of wood, sidings, or metal?
  • 4. Exposure to UV radiation and seasonal impacts?
  • 5. Do you need mildew or damage resistant paint product?

Examples of the best exterior paints and their properties:

  • Acrylic paints adhere to most surfaces and can be applied on wood, metal, vinyl and masonry.
  • Latex paints dry quickly and imperfections are easier to catch during an external painting process.
  • Eggshell finish or satin finish is well suited to vinyl, wood planks, and newer fiber cements surfaces.
  • Gloss paints are resistant to damage but are the easiest to clean. So Gloss or semi gloss paints are ideal for windows, doorframes while semi gloss is mainly used for exterior doors, providing the surface to be painted must be in good position.

Apex Ultima Protek is a waterproof exterior paint and keeps the walls protected from problems like dampness, algae, cracks, and colour fading.

See the difference between asian paints and ace apex ultima