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6 Simple Ways for a Sparkling Bathroom

As the day marks the completion of Ganpati, the number of visitors at your place also must be less. After all the gala time comes the tiding up task. A number of people overlook this aspect and end up having a messy and unclean home after the festive season is gone. It’s quite understandable how […]

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things to avoid in home

5 Things to Avoid Keeping at Home

Indian beliefs have varied taste. Some prefer astrology, some numerology and a few others vastu shastra.Vastu shastra is widely believed and consulted for a perfect home.Though its a matter of personal belief and faith,some elements or objects, most say and agree send out the vibes that are not very auspicious for homes. Here’s a list of objects that should […]

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8 Tips for a Stunning Garden

What’s more inviting than a beautiful garden. Even its a balcony garden that you have, take some time out to relax in the company of nature. Here are a few tips for having a serene space at home. Have a variety of plants To make your garden look special plant a variety of plants. The […]

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Garden tips

Grow a Garden and More Beauty to Home

If you have your own garden space, you are just plain lucky! Garden can totally bring that much needed nature in your home. It’s the freshness, the joy of seeing something grow, the joy of nurturing. There is so much more to a garden than what the eyes meet. It’s a feeling. A feeling that […]

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Quick Makeover Tips

Recipe For a Quick Makeover

We somehow tend to forget the small details that make a huge difference. And that most of these are inexpensive and effective and can be bought from the flea markets. Let’s focus on some of them that can make a lot of difference. Pillows Pillows can instantly make the look of your room. Invest in […]

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7 Ways to Save Your Home This Monsoon

The Rains are here! Very much here! With the blissful water pouring, the chai and pakoda session, the getting drenched – because -it-feels-good -session comes the absolutely annoying leaking problems, fungus on wooden furniture and  wet floors. Follow these not so easy steps but absolutely essential steps to take care of your house this rainy season. 1) Dry Cloth […]

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