8 Tips for a Stunning Garden

What’s more inviting than a beautiful garden. Even its a balcony garden that you have, take some time out to relax in the company of nature.

Here are a few tips for having a serene space at home.

Balcony Garden

Have a variety of plants

To make your garden look special plant a variety of plants. The more the color the better it will appeal to your body, mind and soul.

Also,to make your small garden space appear big, plant a combination of short and long plants together. This gives an illusion that there is a lot of space.

Garden Tools

Keep a tool box ready

Everything you might require for planting that next plant or even sowing seeds should be kept on one side of your garden space. This way you will always have handy access to your garden tools.

Soak!Don’t sprinkle

Soaking is the best way to ensure that the roots are getting enough water for their photosynthesis. Sprinkled water gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t reach the roots, causing your garden to remain stunted.

Flower plants

Color those terra- cotta pots

Coloring those terra cotta pots even if broken can make it look antique and well maintained. You can keep these pots on the entrance of your garden or you can also make it a lamp shade by turning it upside down.

Maintain a garden calendar

It’s best to keep a garden calendar to note trivial yet important information about the plants. Information like sowing of a particular seed, amount of rain and blossoming of a bud, all go into it.

Strengthen the seedlings

When it’s just starting to seedling, add some manure. Organic kitchen waste will do the needful and strengthen them, giving a good boost to their growth.

Don’t transplant on a sunny day

It’s best to avoid extremely sunny day to transplant your plants. A cloudy day would be just perfect as they’ll be able to retain moisture. Extremely sunny day can dry up all the moisture which may not be a good beginning for your plants.

Check your plants thoroughly

Plants should be checked well before you buy them. A diseased plant or the leaves turned yellow plants will not have a healthy growth.