6 Simple Ways for a Sparkling Bathroom

As the day marks the completion of Ganpati, the number of visitors at your place also must be less. After all the gala time comes the tiding up task. A number of people overlook this aspect and end up having a messy and unclean home after the festive season is gone.

It’s quite understandable how drained you must feel. Hence, we bring you some simple easy to follow steps, if followed everyday this will leave your home sparkling clean.

Let’s start with the most underrated part of your home. Baths and Washrooms.

Always empty the trash can.

This seems to be a task sometimes and also feels gross. But, a simple ritual of empting your trash can every day can not only make you feel less gross about it but also leave your bathroom looking clean, smelling fresh.

Keep a broom.

It’s absolutely necessary to keep a plastic broom in your bathroom or toilet. You don’t have to keep a whole day assigned to clean your bathroom. Every time you shampoo your hair, try to clean the floor with the plastic broom. The extra foam rinsed from your hair works as a cleaning agent for your bath room. So simple!

Keep a toilet freshener always.

Never compromise on this. A clean bathroom and toilet should not only look clean but also smell fresh. Hence, invest in a nice freshener and keep it on a dry loaf in your bathroom or toilet. This will keep unnecessary smell at bay.

Clean the washrooms regularly.

Toilet cleaning takes a little extra time. You could also use a mixture of baking soda and water and scrub the toilet with a hand brush, leaving it sparkling clean. Nothing like seeing a clean toilet!

Don’t miss the basins.

Keeping it clean can make a huge difference. Keep a small scrub near your washbasin. Every morning while brushing your teeth pour a little handwash on the scrub and gently scrub the sides. Before you know, both your teeth and the basin are clean and smiling.

Dry your towels. 

Never let your towels hang on the bathroom handles. With the ample amount of moisture in the bathroom its best to hang towels in the balcony or in open air. One can also use a hand dryer to quick dry them and keep it folded in a dry space.