5 Instant Ways to Perk Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where the health of your family is taken care of. However, most often we forget that the kitchen too can have its own personality.

Here we share five amazing ways to perk up your kitchen and give it a personal touch!

Color the Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets need not be the boring colored always. Any color that dominates your mind can be put on the cabinets. You can paint the cabinets’ bright yellow or royal blue or even baby pink, whatever it is put it evenly on the cabinets.

Photos that Matter

You may love looking at a family photo or a perfect holiday picture that you enjoyed with your loved ones. Put them on the walls of your kitchen. That simply brings on more life to your kitchen and you as well.

Place a Plant


Find a corner of your kitchen that can seamlessly house a plant. However keep it well watered and clean at all times. A small Basil aka Tulsi plant will fill the room and food with its aroma.

Turn on the Radio

Music gives you that extra energy when you are at the kitchen. So buy a super cool radio and place it on one of the cabinets. Tune in to your favourite radio station.You will love smiling, singing and laughing while at the kitchen.

Showcase the Art


Place some pieces of art on the shelves. They add beauty to the sight of the kitchen. In fact you needn’t even scout flea market for that. Preserve nicely decorated jars and cans and reuse them in the kitchen. Best part is constantly appreciating creativity and workmanship will keep you motivated to bring out your best on to the dining table. Cooking is an art, as well, isn’t it.