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7 Simple And Easy Resolutions for Home

2017 is already here and we wonder how the years pass so quickly. Every New Year we promise ourselves things like better health, better finance, better everything in life. However, one thing that remains unattended is having a better and beautiful home. Let’s take some oaths for our homes because a home is a constant support […]

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Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Home

Spread the Love Tweet Having a chalkboard or blackboard at home can be one of the most fascinating things. The old charm of the blackboard and the use of chalk  can be very satisfying. Imagine, you can even involve and encourage your child to scribble as much he/ she wishes. We focus on the most […]

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6 Tips to Create Inspirational Space at Home

Spread the Love Tweet Quite often we lose hope. We need something to inspire us on daily basis. Having such a space, a wall or even a pin- up board in your home is a healthy practice. Follow these simple steps to create something motivating every day! Choose a visible space Your inspirational wall needs to be […]

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Protect Your Home This Rainy Season

It is needless to say how rains can play havoc to your home. So we bring you some precautionary measures to protect your home from the harsh winds. Repair all the cracks Cracks are vicious. They can torture your walls and weaken them in the long run. So, let them be fixed in time. Rains […]

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5 Amazing Kids Craft Ideas for this Rainy Season.

Rainy season can be easily labelled as the most romantic season of all. Especially, after the hot summer, it’s such a welcome relief. However, it is sometimes not very welcomed by kids, especially once they are done with the initial days of drenching themselves. Then comes the heavy showers and they are practically left with […]

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5 Quick Ways for an Eco friendly Home

One cannot emphasize more on how environment has become one of the most talked after topic in the recent times.We all talk about it and all are surrounded by it.It has left a huge impact on us and we all feel there are some substantial changes taking place. Well, to suit our needs,here are some ideas to […]

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7 Essential Tips For Home Makeover Project

Whether you bought a new home for self or you wish to renovate the old one, the hassle and the joy of the process can be simply overwhelming. Sometimes, it can also break you down to an extent that you end up making hurried decisions. Nonetheless, we break down this uphill task in some really important steps that […]

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Experience Realms of Happiness with Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is the age old knowledge which if incorporated in particular manner is believed to give you abundance in life. If you experience certain issues at home you can include some these easy to follow tips and experience changes. Dolphins It’s simply lucky to have pictures of dolphins or Fish at home. It brings […]

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Amazingly Cool Bathroom Decor Ideas

Everyone needs a place to escape the heat. Let that place be your home and your bathroom. We all spend a little extra time in the bathroom escaping the heat. Why don’t we make it worthwhile? Let’s find out how. Get inspired by the sea When everything is blue around it makes you feel so calm. […]

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6 DIY Home Projects for Summer’16

We bring you some cool and trendy DIY home projects to experiment this summer. Let’s ring in the vacations with some easy and simple to follow tips to make something amazing each day! 1.Balloon Lamps This will require some skills and patience. Blow a balloon to it maximum potential. Then take a string primarily the one that […]

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