5 Smart Weekend Ways for Organized Home

Weekend is just around the corner. Some of us have plans and some just laze around the entire day. While it is a much required break and absolutely rejuvenates your battery levels, one part of your life might require the much needed attention, your home!

Well, we don’t promote that you tire yourself over the weekend cleaning the home. But, some small sections can bring a huge smile on your face and the week looks more organized to you.

We present to you few handy tips to de- stress your home and you eventually.

Empty everything.

The part of your home that you have decided to clean today first has to be emptied fully. Clean the inside of this drawer or storage place. Let the place breathe some fresh air. Then observe your clutter. Discard the one which are just lying there for no apparent reason.



There are always category wise items lying in your home. Identify them and put them together in one place. You could also label them in a quirky manner. Like “All things important” “Don’t move stuff from here”. Anything that reminds you what are the contents and where it has to stay.

Organize the leftovers.


Now, every time you decide to clean or move stuff, there will always be something lying around which doesn’t fall under any particular category like stationery, glues, pins or even rubber bands. Find a place in a drawer or your cupboard and keep a small cardboard box and put everything together. This will keep it intact and handy.

Cupboard un- mess

towels-923505_1920 (1).jpg

Now, throughout the week the most abused part of the day is the Cupboard. You keep visiting your cupboard now and then. If in hurry, you may take out a piece of cloth and never organize it again till the time or your mum comes. So, the smart thing to do over here could be buying those storage bags typically used to store the saris in Indian homes. They are cost effective and have a great holding capacity. All the different types of clothing you have can be put in each of these bags, like the tops together, pants together, sarees and kurtis together. Clothes you wish to see crease -less hang them in your cupboard. You will definitely never have a messy cupboard.