5 Things to Avoid Keeping at Home

Indian beliefs have varied taste. Some prefer astrology, some numerology and a few others vastu shastra.Vastu shastra is widely believed and consulted for a perfect home.Though its a matter of personal belief and faith,some elements or objects, most say and agree send out the vibes that are not very auspicious for homes.

Here’s a list of objects that should be avoided from your home décor.

Image of war field

An image of war field in your home could been endless fights and never ending rivalry among the family members. One should refrain from keeping it at your home.

Sinking boat

A sinking boat symbolises the downfall in relationship and among the family members. It also does not really give you feeling of optimism or growth. Hence it should be avoided.

Wild Animals

A wild animal picture can invoke violent tendencies among the family members. This disturbs the positive energy in your home environment.

Thorny plants

Although the Indian décor receives plants very well, one should avoid the thorny plants like cactus.


It is highly advisable to clean all the clutter from your home as it blocks the energy in your living spaces. Clean home indicates growth, prosperity and happiness.