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The Best Living Room Colors to Try In 2021

The living room effect can make or break the entire house’s impression. So choosing paint colors wisely is a must. Light shades of white, pale blue, cream are most popular room paint colors for a living room as they are elegant and adds to the value of the interior.

The Color Palladian Blue

Palladian Blue 1

Palladian Blue or Pale Blue is the combination of sky blue and pearly white. It gives your interior a calm and relaxed look. Though it is a light wall paint colors, it does not overwhelm the space at day time and very well compliments light that coming from the window. The shade compliment furniture of any color, whether it’d be dark or of light color.

Palladian Blue 1

The Cream colour

Cream Color-1

There are hundreds of shades of Cream color out of which Navajo White and Gentle Cream shades are shown below. Navajo white is a combination of yellow, orange and white color while the gentle cream is the combination of brown and white. Every shade of cream color is equally beautiful, warm and inviting. the color does not boast, instead, it carries a unique quality to keep us wanting to see more of the room paint colors. This shade pairs well with any colored furniture ad makes equal justice with any amount of light that is available in the room.

Cream Color-2

The Colour Grey 


Grey is the most versatile color which gives a warm as well as a cool feeling at the same time and that’s what makes the color so popular among house owner to paint their living rooms with. it is one of the most favorite decorating shades. It gives the modern edgy look without loosing the traditional charm.

The Color White

Committing to the all-white scheme is a brave move. it gives a light and bright effect to the living room. the impact of color white is so glaring that it makes even a smaller living room seem bigger. there are endless possibilities with the color white when choosing furniture, floor color, or ceiling color.

White Living Room 1

Colored furniture gives the white living room a funky look.

White Living Room 2

 The dark wooden floor doesn’t affect the ability of the color white to give a bright look.

white living room 3

Light colored furniture in a white living room makes the entire space look big.

The off-White Color

off-white Living Room 1

Off white color gives a very subtle and elegant look. The shade is not as bright as white or as dark as gray. It has the great combination of both. The color makes justice to any colored furniture. The color gives a light effect in a dark living room.

off-white-Living room 2

The Color Mustard 

Mustard Color Living room 1

The gorgeous mustard color has worked many people’s taste. It is one of the most wall paint colors for the living room. Sometimes it seems yellow, sometimes it seems orange, sometimes it seems golden but each time it looks perfect and pleasant.

Mustard Color Living room 2

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