6 Things at Home that Makes You Feel Tired

Feeling tired without much physical activity? Long hours of just sitting and not motivated to move around? If you find the above statements familiar, then you sure must be feeling tired when you are home. Sometimes it’s the things in the house itself that make you feel tired without any apparent reason.

1. The Clutter.

Cluttering can have a serious negative impact on your emotional well- being.De- cluttering once in a while can help you get rid of feeling of lethargy. Cluttering also blocks a lot of positive energy in the house. An unorganized environment can add to your stress levels.

2. Blue Walls.

Blue walls are tricky. They are good for your bedroom as blue can lower your blood pressure and help you relax and sleep better. However, put on some other wall in your house, it can have exactly same effect resulting in sleeping on the coach for a long time. If it’s on the kitchen walls, it can result in absolutely no interest in cooking.

3. Television.

Too much of television watching can also harm the hormones regulating your stress levels. The blue light emitting from the television can disrupt the hormone levels resulting in sleep disruptions.

4. Dim lights.

Yellow or dim lights can increase melancholy levels in the house. Bright natural light stimulates the brain and keeps it active and fresh throughout the day. However, low levels of light have the exact opposite effect on the brain. Place bright lights, specifically the white ones to keep you moving.

5. Junk in the kitchen .

Sure, it’s a quick hit with your kids and you too enjoy the occasional couch potato scene. However, a cabinet full of junk food can harm you no end. Not only does health issues come along with it, it also eventually lets lethargy set in.

6.Too many curtains.

Give your home the luxury of sunlight. It gives the house the much required positive energy. Too many curtains can only block the light leaving you feeling tired, gloomy and  stressed out.