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Paint Quality

How to Check for a Quality Paint Job?

A paint job is not finished just after painting the exterior or interior of the house; figuring out the quality of the paint job is very important. The best quality painting job gives the best return for your money as it lasts for a long time. A home is something your own and putting some […]

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How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of colors. Also, the quality of paints is as important as it’s color. So you must be very […]

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how to use paint roller, roller painting techniques

How to Use a Paint Roller: Roller Painting Techniques

Roller Painting is one of the easiest ways to get a smooth and even coat of paint on the wall. Roller painting is ideal for covering the light area and built-up ridges that first-time painters find difficult to paint. The greater advantage of roller painting is that it takes less amount of time to cover […]

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Best Painting

Aapkapainter’s Best Painting Projects of 2017

2017 has been a great year for painting. We met new people, painted some new ideas and created some beautiful places. Since our inception, we have been trying our best to do something better with each painting project. And this consistency of ours in providing a better service to our customers has helped us expand […]

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Which is better; Paint Roller or Paint Brush?

Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers have their own importance in the painting domain. Both the tools are necessary at some point or the other while painting. The choice of a particular tool depends upon a few factors. The factors are wall texture, the painting effect that we want to achieve and painting skills. To make […]

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How to Choose Best Paint for a House Painting?

Buying paint is easy but choosing which paint to buy is not as easy. The choices that are available in a paint store are mind boggling. There are a few things which become a deciding factor in all paint buying event like brands, shades etc. But the best paint for a house painting job is […]

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Which Factors Affect Number of Paint Coats?

‘How many paint coats do I need?’ is probably the most common question among homeowners undertaking new painting project. Most homeowners have this common misconception that application of a paint coat serves one single purpose of coloring the wall. So they believe that only single coat is enough as it is thick. Though a paint […]

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Paint Primer and Its Types

A paint job is incomplete without the primer. Paint Primer is similar to paint but it goes underneath the finish layer of paint. Primer is the most useful and powerful aid in a painter’s toolbox as the application of right primer can increase the durability of your paint job for many years. The primary function […]

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How to Clean Painting Tools

The painting job is not over just after painting. Cleaning up after painting is another big step in the whole painting process. Cleaning of painting tools is an equally important step because a clean and tidy brush lasts for many more painting jobs. Whether it is an oil based paint or water based paint, there […]

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Different Painting Tools (Part 3)

Painting a house is a huge job and it requires the help of different painting tools to carry out the job perfectly. Using the right tool to at right place increases the durability of your painting job. Below are the painting tools which are necessary to perform a painting job. (Click here for Par 1) […]

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