How to Prep Your Home for Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, it’s mayhem at most homes.Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s the cleaning part! No matter how well equipped you think you are for the cleaning process it’s still a very draining and exhausting process for the entire family. Let’s break down this humongous task into organized bits to make your life less exhausting.

Plan Your Days

Let’s face it , no matter how hard we try cleaning is not a day’s job. Hence, plan your days accordingly. Start with the task which is less challenging so that you stay motivated for the rest of the cleaning to be done.

Clean Your Cupboard

Wardrobes and cupboards can be left totally messed up if not paid attention in time. Hence plan a day to clean just the wardrobes and cupboards.

Pack the boxes

This not only gives your home room to breathe plus also leaves empty spaces to do something creative with them like placing a plant instead.

Delegate Work

It’s always advisable to delegate work to trusted sources. It not only makes the work done quickly but also efficiently. Plus you get a little extra time for yourself.

Rest Well

This is the most ignored part of the whole cleaning procedure. People forget to rest well. You definitely don’t wish to look tired and puffy eyed on day of Diwali. Hence, sleep well, rest well because you really don’t want to snap back at your guests!

Things would be more easy if practiced on regular basis.The fans and lights of the home can be dusted often. You really don’t need to invest extra time on your planned days to clean them.