Kid’s Room : Quick Fixes

Kid’s room! The name itself rings a bell. Kids room is all about things lying around almost every place , everywhere. Most mothers just wish and hope that it all cleans up by itself. But, it most definitely does not.We bring in some quick fixes for your little one’s.

Throw out broken crayonscrayons-879974_1920.jpg

Little one keep drawing their energy away. So follows the never ending stock of crayons. Most of them perish even before you notice and hence it is necessary to throw them at sight. All the broken ones can immediately find a place in the trash.

Use undersized sockbaby-936536_1920.jpg

Now that your kid is growing fast, one thing that is a misfit immediately is the sock. Socks almost always are misplaced or are simple not your child’s size anymore. Find a smart way of using it like for cleaning small cabinets or creatively like used to put together small stuff like pins or a nice crayon holder.


Donate usable old clothes and toys to the needy. The receiver will be elated and you will be happy as well with a content heart and much cleaner room of your little one!

Train your child


Your child can be the biggest help for you. You can train your child to clean the room with your assistance. You could also give them some token like prepare their favorite meal or take them to the garden. This way you could cultivate a good habit and you could have less hassles for yourself.