Grow a Garden and More Beauty to Home

If you have your own garden space, you are just plain lucky! Garden can totally bring that much needed nature in your home. It’s the freshness, the joy of seeing something grow, the joy of nurturing. There is so much more to a garden than what the eyes meet. It’s a feeling. A feeling that helps us nurture inside as well as the outside. We bring you some tips to keep your garden safe and growing always.

Space matters

Garden in balcony

The most important part of the garden is some space for it to breathe. Hence decide for the important space were you would like to see your garden grow. Make sure there is enough sunlight in that space of your room.

Best out of waste

The best type of fertilizer is something that can be made home. All the dry waste can be decomposed in a bin and this bio degradable fertilizer will do wonders to your plants. The important thing to remember is to separate your dry waste from your wet waste.

Plants that make you smile

Plants for beautiful garden

Buy some really interesting plants like the hibiscus, the tulsi, the rose plant. These plants don’t take too much of efforts from your end but they still manage to grow in a beautiful manner. You can also sow the seeds off tomato plant, chillies and others that can be easily grow in your garden.

Color your pots

If your pots are given some extra attention they can do wonders to change the look of your garden. Paint your pots with bright colours. It could also be one of those favourite activity for you and our kids.

Spray a good disinfectant

One of the most important aspect is spraying a good disinfectant in your garden. Garden attract bugs, flies and sometimes even rodents. This can totally ruin your garden. Hence special attention should be paid to avoid them to enter or dwell in your garden.

Brighten up your garden

Gardens need not be in dark always. Invest in some interesting lights or lamps to give them light even when it’s dark. This will also wade away the rodents to some extent. Also, it make your home even more inviting and interesting.


Finally, the most important thing to remember is to water your garden every day. Moderate water supply will ensure the much needed growth to it. Be careful about the amount of water supply given to your garden. More or less of it can do harm to it.

Remember, a garden ensures there is good energy flow in your home. It also is said to bring luck to you and your family!