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Gear Up for the Festive Season

The next big season is almost here. Just two weeks away from the 9 days celebration of Goddess Durga.Navratri and Durga Pooja both bring in a lot of positive vibes at home. Ladies out there, now is the time to do most of the shopping for yourself and your home. Listing here a few suggestions […]

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How to Create Great Colour Combinations for Your Home

Your home needs your attention time and again. You sometimes wish you had painted a wall differently to make your frames look more appealing. You also must have thought to not use a color again. But, any color in combination can change the face of your home.  Its said there is no such thing called […]

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 7 Little Additions That Make Your Home Look Chic

True they say, great things come in small packages. When we try to re-do our apartment, many a times we over look the small details that make a huge difference. Here are a few of them that can go a long way in home décor. Palm prints of your baby Don’t be mad the next time you see […]

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8 Tips for a Stunning Garden

What’s more inviting than a beautiful garden. Even its a balcony garden that you have, take some time out to relax in the company of nature. Here are a few tips for having a serene space at home. Have a variety of plants To make your garden look special plant a variety of plants. The […]

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Kitchen Cabinets

Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

It’s a myth that to make your home look like a million bucks you need to spend million bucks. All you need is creativity and lots of it. Presenting you some mind blowing tips to give your home that million dollar look. Rug it up To make your small space look big use a large […]

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Quick Makeover Tips

Recipe For a Quick Makeover

We somehow tend to forget the small details that make a huge difference. And that most of these are inexpensive and effective and can be bought from the flea markets. Let’s focus on some of them that can make a lot of difference. Pillows Pillows can instantly make the look of your room. Invest in […]

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Decor Style - Indian

4 Decor Essentials For Beautiful Indian Themed Home

When it comes to designing your home there are some ground rules which cannot be underestimated. When it comes Indian style home décor, there 4 essentials that must be taken absolutely seriously. Colors  To give your home the perfect theme based décor; select the colors that make it look welcoming and warm.Indians like warm colors like shades of orange […]

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Guide to Painting an Accent Wall

Painting a wall with vibrant hues, or geometric patterns, stenciled designs or faux finish textures, makes it strikingly different, adding a great style statement to your space.Such an highlighted portion of the room are called accent wall.But ,not all walls deserve such special treatment. Logically, they shouldn’t too. General guidelines to create impressive spaces at home […]

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Texture Wall : Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Beautiful things in life happen within those walls of our homes. Don’t they deserve a lot more attention! Add some definition and drama; and thereby transform those bare walls into something spectacular and accentuate aesthetic appeal with wall texture. What’s a Texture Painting: Wall textures replicate appearances of materials such as stone, metal or fabric. […]

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