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6 Incredible Vastu Tips to Place Ganesha Idol

Ganesha is the God of prosperity, good luck and success. What most people miss is that placing Ganesha’s idol in the right place makes difference.These vastu tips can help out with the placing. 1. White Ganesha White Ganesha is believed to attract more wealth, happiness and prosperity .Even pasting a picture can do wonders. However, remember […]

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Experience Realms of Happiness with Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is the age old knowledge which if incorporated in particular manner is believed to give you abundance in life. If you experience certain issues at home you can include some these easy to follow tips and experience changes. Dolphins It’s simply lucky to have pictures of dolphins or Fish at home. It brings […]

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Style Your Home the Botanical Way!

Botanical is the most simplistic way to decorate your home. It’s not only refreshing but it also bring a lot of oxygen indoors. It need not be explicit but you choose what suits your style. We bring few tips to try out this warm and refreshing style of décor. Choose plants wisely Plants are the natural way […]

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Fabulous Tiny Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the most compromised place in the entire house. These days even the newly constructed homes cut down on the kitchen space a lot. Even with this sized down kitchen spaces one can decorate it in the most unconventional manner. Let’s figure out how! Storage Ideas You need to prioritize what needs space in your kitchen. […]

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4 Exciting Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and its just going get hotter. Why not invest time in decorating your home, your haven and beat the heat!This could also be a fun activity for you to spend some quality time with your family especially with children around. Sharing with you some super exciting ideas to colour […]

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5 Incredible Hallway Decorating Ideas

Experts say that, it’s easy to ignore the hallway but no one knows how incredible a hallway can look that can change the face of your home. Hallway is the little passage that connects two rooms of your house. Let’s see what can be done to decorate and make it look like incredible. Keep it […]

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Living Room Essentials

Your living room is practically the face of your home. A place you like to unwind and have a good time with your family and friends. It’s essential to mark what is important for you to place in your living room. Hence, we bring you some basic steps to decorate and place your essentials in […]

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The Art of Wallpaper, Unleashed!

Walls are not only meant for coloring. If you are a little tight on the budget but still wish to re-do one of your walls then wallpaper is your new best friend. Wallpapers come for all budgets and in all variety and variation. Pick and choose.                   […]

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5 essentials of Cottage style Home Décor

Cottage style is one of those styles that make us feel comfortable just by the name of it. Comfort at its best. These days a lot of popular destinations have added this one feature in their brochure. Nothing really matches the rugged and the true country style living tradition. So let’s explore some of the […]

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Colour Trends for 2016

It’s always cool to be in trend. Same applies to our home walls. Let’s check out the most trendy color pallets for this year. White and Off white   White has come a big way. White not only makes your home look royal and neat but also brings out the authenticity of your furniture in […]

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