Interior Decor : Hot from The Arab

The Arabian nights are the most sought after nights and so are the Arabian home decors. They are known for their extravagance and their silk fabric. Together, they bring about the most luxurious looking home décor of all times. Let’s explore some of the integral components of this home style.

Lamp Shades

Lampshade_Arabian Decor

The most visible home décor styles in Arabian homes are undoubtedly the lamps and lots of them. Buy them in any size and shape – be it a chandelier or a table lamp or a standing lamp besides your sofa set. Whatever it is, it gives that extravagant look. Any flee market should have a variety of options and should definitely be pocket friendly.

Window Valances

The window valances bring the required grace to your home decor,adding authentic look as well as elegance to the windows. The more the valances the better looking window .

Rug it up!



Choose it as per your taste. The Kashmiri rugs are the best bet for the Arabian styled home. The intrinsic details on the rugs leave a long lasting impact on your décor style. This is a must have in this home décor style.

Ascent Pillows


A variety of ascent pillows add to the charm and taste of this Arabian looking home décor. Add some vibrant colors to your ascent pillows and add comfort and enhance the overall look of your home.

Silk Fabric

The Arabs love their silk. Add some silk bed sheets or pillow covers. You could also add silk curtains. Remember silk is the only fabric that complements this style.

Ornate Prints

More ornamented your home looks the better looking Arabian home style you will have. Don’t shy away from the prints , use lavishly and create that mystical look !