The Art of Wallpaper, Unleashed!

Walls are not only meant for coloring. If you are a little tight on the budget but still wish to re-do one of your walls then wallpaper is your new best friend. Wallpapers come for all budgets and in all variety and variation.

Pick and choose.












There are a host of variety when it comes to wallpapers. Traditional, classic, textured and printed are some of the upcoming trends of 2016. Another classic looking variety  is the irregular looking wall paper. Such irregular textures give a classy touch to your walls. They are rustic but have a very finished look.

Funky and bling- bling!










Now, if you are the one who has a very funky taste then you will have choices too. A glittering wall paper is also in vogue these days. They give a unique and fun look to your home. You can try pasting them in your child’s bedroom.

Retro style













The retro geometrical patterns are another great option. They quite popular in metallic and matte prints as well as delicate pastel prints.