Lil’ Spain in Your Home

Spain! The word itself connotes a relaxing environment. A beautiful lawn and some comfortable chairs and plate full of wholesome meal are all you need to set up your Spanish style home. Let’s explore some easy to follow steps to make your home your own little Spain!

Low Seating Arrangement


It’s all about the comfort. Place low seating cushions and lots of it  here and there. This will add to the comfort quotient to your Spanish home decor!

Create the Space

In Spain, hospitality is everything. Have an open kitchen and an open dining area. This will be more welcoming for your guests than expected.

Frame your FamilyFamily_Photo

Your family memories should be the first element that people see when they enter your home. So buy some nice black and white frames,an important element in the Spanish home décor and place them near your hallway.


Color Me Red

The color red is an inevitable part of the Spanish homes. Embrace the element of drama in it and work it out on walls.

Horn Ok Please

When in spain, please lock your horns but for a good reason. Spanish décor is incomplete without the mandatory Horns. You can hang a frame that of horn and light it generously to give that extra touch to your home.