What Is the Difference between Plastic Paint and Royale Paint?

Are you planning to paint your homes? Brand new paint color is one of the coolest ways to breathe new life into your otherwise dull and dingy home. Even though painting your home is the fastest way to offer your homes a marvelous makeover, the hardest part is selecting the appropriate paint for your painting requirements. With more than a few brands of paints out there, deciding on the right paint can be puzzling for sure.

When it’s about to protection of your rooms’ roofing, we recommend elastomeric emulsions polymers based plastic paint to be used before the coating process. Elastomeric emulsions help in providing adhesion properties to a range of wall surfaces.

Benefits of Using Plastic Paints

  • Plastic paints are quick to cure, washable, and more durable.
  • Plastic paints are washed by water for minimal fuss and they are applied in a single coat of paint.
  • Plastic paints can are lightweight and easier to carry from one place to another.
  • If you are trying to brighten up your exteriors then use plastic paints which contain solar reflectivity technology to reduce heat absorption in walls. As a consequence, lower temperature in walls cut down the air conditioner bills in summers.
  • One of the latest trends is seen in interior design- instead of repairing old hardwoods, people try refinishing woods with durable plastic paints.

Furthermore, they are high resisted to low-temperature, dirt-pick up resistance, resisted to tear, and low water absorption capability. So emulsion paint selection is a tricky task for long lasting protection. Plastic emulsion paint is water-based acrylic wall paint and well known for its smooth type of finish which adds high washability properties in addition to non-objectionable odor, humidity resistant as well. Plastic paint is mostly used in high-class areas including auditoriums, showrooms, theaters etc.

Plastic Paint and Royale Paint

Understanding Paint Types: Plastic Paint vs. Royale Paint

So before you pick up your roller and brush, you need to understand the different types of paint. While picking the best paint for your homes, you must consider the following two types of paints. You can check out best paints for home interiors.

But, one frequently asked question is what the difference between plastic paint and royale paint is. In simple words, all Emulsions are technically plastic paints, but washable paints are more commonly referred to as plastic paints. Then what is this Royale paint? Royale range of products is most popular and advanced category of paints. Manufactured by Asian Paints, the leader in the decorative paints segment, these Royale paints like Royale Luxury, Royale Shyne, and Royale Matt have become the layman term to refer to washable plastic paints.

So effectively, Royale paint is the most popular washable plastic paint.
General characteristics of plastic paints are listed below

Plastic paint

The water-based wall paint or plastic emulsion paint is based on acrylic and offer a smooth matte finish to your walls. In addition to being washable and easy to maintain, these paints are exceptionally durable. The plastic emulsion paints are humidity-resistant as well. As a result, you can use them in humid rooms like kitchenettes or bathrooms with no trouble.
• Wash-ability
Plastic emulsion paints are easy to clean. They offer a rich and lavish finish to your walls by assuring that stubborn stains can be washed without problems from your walls, keeping your home looking flawless, spotless as well as stunning all the time.
• Affordability
With much better properties including wash-ability and durability, plastic paints offer more value for your treasured money. The cost for painting a house interior with plastic paint is reasonable and has quite a lot of benefits over the typical paint that most people decide on.
• Durability
Plastic Paints are made up of pure acrylic latex as well as high opacity micro-pigments. The surface of the paint is fairly tough, making them durable and quick to cure. The color of the paint is reserved for a longer duration and exposure to water doesn’t disturb the quality or color of these paints.
Emulsions start from Rs 130 per litre to about Rs 600 per litre
Washable Plastic Paints Rs 400 per litre

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Royale Paint

Royale Paints are a flawless choice if you’re on the lookout for something grand. This remarkable range of luxury paints provides your home a stylish and elegant makeover while being extraordinary on performance. Together with being easy to maintain, these paints have lower VOC as well as lower odor that makes it the best paint to go for if you have kids in your house.
• Wash-ability
Royale Paints provide a decent finish to walls and allows dirt or stains to be cleaned effortlessly – with no trouble. You can wash it softly using a wet cloth for the regular surficial stains and marks.
• Durability
Royale Emulsions may strengthen your walls against harsh stains. They intensify the durability and fortify the strength of the paint film. The walls painted with Royale Emulsions won’t lose their grace and class for more than 7-8 years.
• Affordability
Better properties come with a premium house painting cost though. Royale emulsions are certainly the high budget paints. But as a matter of choice, you enjoy smooth, easy to clean and extremely durable painted surface.
Product Range
Royale Luxury – approx. Rs 440 per litre
Royale Matt – Rs 500 per litre
Royale Shyne – Rs 520 per litre
Royale Aspira – Rs 600 per litre

At the end of the day, the best paint is the one that fits into your aesthetic, functional, as well as budget requirements. So choose wisely and book wall painting services – with forethought!

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Difference Between Various Asian Royale Paints Products

Product NameFinishNo. of Coats NeededVOCOdour
Royale Luxury EmulsionSmooth2LowLow
Royale Shyne Luxury EmulsionHigh2-3ModerateModerate
Royale AspiraHigh Sheen2HighLow

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