What Is the Difference between Plastic Paint and Royale Paint?

Are you planning to paint your house this season? But you don’t know what type of wall paint to choose? Well, selecting the trending wall paint is one amongst the best ways to breathe new life into your otherwise boring and dingy home. Despite the fact that painting your house is the quickest way to give your home a wonderful makeover, the toughest part is choosing the acceptable paint for your painting necessities. With over a number of brands of paints out there, picking the proper paint can be puzzling obviously. 

However, when it’s about protecting the roofing of your home, we tend to suggest Elastomeric Emulsions polymer-based Plastic Paint to be applied before the coating process. Elastomeric emulsions help in providing adhesion properties to a variety of wall surfaces.


Table of Contents

  • Why use Plastic Paint for your walls?   
  • Classic Paints Types: Plastic and Royale Paint
  • Why Plastic Paint?
  • Why Royale Paint?
  • To summarize

Why Use Plastic Paint For Your Walls?

Plastic paints are a top choice not only for their smooth, velvet-matte texture but also for their complementary qualities. Let’s look at them in more depth.        

  1. Plastic paints are less complicated. They dry quickly and are washable. You can wash them off with water for minimum fuss and they can be applied in a single coat. In addition, they have a longer-lasting effect.      
  2. Plastic paints are light in weight and easy to transport from one area to another. 
  3. If you are trying to brighten up your exterior, use plastic paint that includes a solar reflector to reduce heat absorption in the walls. As a result, the drop in temperature helps in keeping your interiors cool. 
  4. One of the newest features to be seen in Interior design – Instead of repairing old hardwoods, people are trying to repaint wood furniture with durable plastic paints. All these different uses are due to the exceptional qualities of plastic paint. 

On the other hand, Emulsion Paints are highly resistant to low-temperature, dirt-pickup resistance, resistant to tear and have low water absorption capability. So, emulsion paint choice is a difficult undertaking for long-lasting protection. However, Plastic Emulsion Paint is water-based acrylic wall paint and is widely known for its smooth finish which provides high wash-ability properties, further to non-objectionable odor and humidity resistance as well. Plastic paint is mainly utilized in excessive-elegance regions including auditoriums, showrooms, theaters, et al. 

Plastic Paint and Royale Paint


Classic Paints Types: Plastic and Royale Paint

So before you decide on your roller and brush, you wish to know the various forms of paint. But before moving forward, there is one commonly asked question – What is the distinction between Plastic Paint and Royal Paint? Let us answer this for you.

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In easy words, all Emulsions are technically plastic paints, however, washable paints are more commonly referred to as plastic paints. Then what’s this Royale Paint? Royale’s range of products is the hottest and most advanced class of paints. Manufactured by Asian Paints, the leader in the decorative paints segment, these Royale Paints like Royale Luxury, Royale Shyne, and Royale Matte have become the commoner term to refer to washable plastic paints. So effectively, Royale paint is the most popular washable plastic paint. 

Why Plastic Paint?

The water-based wall paint or plastic emulsion paint relies on acrylic and provides a smooth, matte finish to your house walls. Additionally to being washable and simple to take care of, these paints are exceptionally sturdy. The plastic emulsion paints are humid-resistant as well. As a result, you’ll be able to use them in wet rooms like kitchenettes or bathrooms with no bother.   

  • Wash-ability

Plastic emulsion paints are simple to wash. They provide a rich and luxuriant finish to your walls by reassuring that stubborn stains are often washed effortlessly from your walls. The result is, that your home will look unflawed, immaculate yet as gorgeous all the time.  

  • Affordability        

With far better properties as well as wash-ability and sturdiness, plastic paints offer more value for your treasured money. The cost of painting a house interior with plastic paint is reasonable and has quite a ton of advantages over the standard paint that almost all people decide on.

  • Durability

Plastic paint is made up of pure acrylic latex as well as high opacity micro-pigments. The surface of the paint is fairly robust, creating them sturdy and fast to cure. The colour of the paint is reserved for an extended length and exposure to water doesn’t disturb the standard or color of these paints. 

Painting Cost Calculator lets you select the best suitable paint and also the paint quantity needed to offer your house walls a brand new perspective altogether.

  • Economical

Emulsions begin from Rs. 130 per litre to about Rs. 600 per litre. While washable plastic paints cost Rs. 400 per litre.  

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Why Royale Paint?

Royale Paints are an unflawed alternative if you’re on the lookout for one thing grand. This exceptional range of luxury paints provides your home with a classy and elegant makeover, whereas being extraordinary in performance. Alongside being simple to take care of, these paints have lower VOC as well as lower odor, making them the best suitable paint to go for if you’ve got children in your home. 

  • Wash-ability

Royale Paints offer an honest finish to your walls and permit dirt or stains to be cleansed effortlessly – with no trouble. You’ll be able to wash it softly by employing a wet cloth for the regular layer of stains and marks.

  • Durability

Royale Emulsions strengthen your walls against harsh stains. They intensify the sturdiness and fortify the strength of the paint film. The walls painted with Royale Emulsions won’t lose their grace and sophistication for quite 7-8 years.

  • Affordability

Better properties come with a premium trade price. Royale Emulsions are certainly high-budgeted paints. As a matter of choice, you relish sleek, simple to wash, and intensely sturdy painted surfaces with Royal Emulsions. 

  • Product Range

Royale Luxury – Rs. 440 per litre approx.

Royale Matt – Rs. 500 per litre approx.

Royale Shyne – Rs. 520 per litre approx.

Royale Aspira – Rs. 600 per litre approx. 


To Summarize

At the top of the day, the simplest paint is the one that matches your aesthetic, functional, yet budget needs.  Thus, choose your paint wisely and book your Wall Painting Services – with forethought!

AapkaPainter provides top-notch wall painting services in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad with a phenomenal feel, as well as the cost of painting a house interior that’s within your means. We tend to believe in flawlessness and going that extra mile – the onerous way – to realize the excellent and skilled trade services our purchasers need. We tend to work hard to supply our clientele with the perfect house painting services. Our professional painters and remodelers are experts in wall stencils painting for homes. They certify that every single project is controlled professionally according to the client’s terms and satisfaction.

Difference Between Various Asian Royale Paints Products

Product NameFinishNo. of Coats NeededVOCOdour
Royale Luxury EmulsionSmooth2LowLow
Royale Shyne Luxury EmulsionHigh2-3ModerateModerate
Royale AspiraHigh Sheen2HighLow


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Asian Royale Paints the best?

Asian Royale Paint is always the best choice if you want to protect your home walls from fungi and other harmful bacteria. These paints have antifungal & antibacterial properties. Also, they can be easily washed off and are very durable as they are the only emulsion paint in India with Teflon surface protectant. 

Is Plastic Paint good for home? 

Yes, plastic paints are highly recommended for homes. Because they have smooth velvet-like finishes and an easy-to-wash surface. With plastic paint on the walls of your home, you can enjoy pristine, luxurious walls over the years. Moreover, they don’t let you compromise your wallet as their prices are quite affordable. 

Which type of paint is best for your home? 

Emulsion paint is the preferred choice of homeowners for the walls around the house. In addition, Distemper is also widely used for whitewashing and as a solid base for other wall paints. 

What is the difference between Distemper and Plastic Paint? 

The major difference between distemper and plastic paint is that plastic paint has a longer-lasting effect. While distempers tend to last for a shorter period of time. Plastic paint gives a glossy finish to the walls, while distemper comes with a matte finish.