Colour Trends for 2016

It’s always cool to be in trend. Same applies to our home walls. Let’s check out the most trendy color pallets for this year.

White and Off white

white wall


White has come a big way. White not only makes your home look royal and neat but also brings out the authenticity of your furniture in the most conventional manner. One can try out the shades off white as well. Best part about this color is it makes your home furniture take the center stage.

Monochromatic Palettemonochromatic palette.pngMonochrome colors on your walls give a very soothing look to your home. Using shades of same color creates a pleasant monochromatic palette. Olive green, Shades of yellow, shades of pink can be one of the many choices with one can experiment.

Warm Gold is a big hit!

texture by aapkapainter - Royale Play - Sleet










A top home accessory that can be added to your monochrome theme home is a warm gold accent wall. This gold style is not shiny or bright but it beautifully compliments your accent wall. Plus, with minimalist furniture around this combination can work wonders.

Dark Neutral shades

Not only the whites are a very in- thing but dark neutral shades look glamorous. One can do with just few plain curtains and your home looks royal as never before. However choosing the right kind of  dark color is an essential part and one has to consider the taste and liking for the color.

Copper is cool


Copper is one trend that never goes out of fashion. Having copper home accessories provide required warmth. Any warm color hue works wonders with copper home décor items.