Decorating Interiors: The Mediterranean Way

Hearing the word Mediterranean simply activates our taste buds for their flavorful,mouth watering cuisine. Mediterranean culture has a profound influence not just on food, but in music and greatly in home decor as well.

Mediterranean-style homes,traditionally found in Spain, France and Italy, have certain definitive aspects like low roof and lot of red colors on the walls. They also exhibit an extensive outdoor space and arched windows. Wrought iron balconies and lots of details are some of the significant features of this decor style.

Take some cue from here and add some Mediterranean touch and enjoy the beauty of perfect holiday destination at your home only.

Go Rustic


Mediterranean style is all about rustic look. Invest in some of the rustic furniture or lamps to give that look in an instant.

Add Warmth

Mediterranean houses are extremely warm looking. Yellow lights to give it that perfect feel. In fact,when aptly placed, these lights can add extra spark to your rustic furniture.

Window Drama


Add a little drama to your windows and doors. Arch them in a different manner, in a more stylish manner to make your home more welcoming than ever. You could add patterns on the edges of the windows and doors and see the difference.

Plants Play a Part

This style is incomplete without the variety of plants inside or outside home. Plant some beautiful samplings in Terra-cotta pots and give that ultimate comfortable look to your Mediterranean style of home.

Coat with Stucco


Stucco is the lime based plaster used for coating wall surfaces or used to mold any architectural impression on the walls. You could paint for a stucco effect on your wall behind the television.This will enhance rustic look of your home.

Chandelier Charm


With the low ceiling being a specific feature of this style of décor , you can invest in some antique chandelier and dangle it right in the middle of drawing room.This will instantly bring out the Mediterranean charm in your home.