Color Ideas for A Small Room

The struggle with a small room in a house is, it’s small! A right wall paint color for a small room can change the whole appearance of the room. It makes the room look bigger and better. White or any bright shade makes a room look bigger is an old and common misconception. Before picking up a color to paint a small room, finalizing the effect you want to give to the place is a good idea. Light and bright colors give the room a fresh, airy, feel. While bold, dark colors give the place a warm and cozy look.

Instead of choosing a light color just to make the room look bigger, a color of your choice which represents your style can make a lot of difference. It will make the space much more personal and it will appeal to you better.

Colors For A Small Room


A combination of light and dark shades makes a room look big. A light painted room with dark colored decor gives a little funky touch to your small space.


The shade blonde is always very inviting and it does make your room look spacious.


A small living room doesn’t always have to be bright and white. It can also be warm and cozy with a clear dull shade combined with dark colored furniture and dim light which adds to the coziness.


The picture below shows that the small room/space doesn’t necessarily lack the architectural interest. It can be a small room painted with a contrasting color and also be a fun room for babies.


The characteristic of the white painted bedroom is that it can be a small room filled with plenty of stuff and still look spacious and enjoyable.


A small crowded kitchen with a color as sharp as orange still catches the eyes and adds to the openness of the space.


Whether it’d be a small room or a big room, a  living room or a bedroom, turquoise is the shade which can make every place look beautiful.


White is not the only option for a small bedroom. Vibrant colors like purple incorporate into your bedroom very well and bring the playfulness of the inner child to the place.


It’s Creamy and its cozy!


The beauty of color yellow is that it brings clarity & serenity to even the smallest of the room.


An all white room with colored furniture gives a contemporary feel to your small room.


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