Living Room Essentials

Your living room is practically the face of your home. A place you like to unwind and have a good time with your family and friends. It’s essential to mark what is important for you to place in your living room. Hence, we bring you some basic steps to decorate and place your essentials in your living room.

Measure your room

Now, the absolutely pivotal part of designing your living room is to have an idea of exact measurements of the space. This will help you in getting a clear picture as to what is required in your living room and what is not. You can also decide the positions of your furniture from the same. Going overboard can only make your room look congested and unplanned.

Choose the colour theme and style


Now that you have taken measurements and decided on your budget, the next essential step is to decide on the theme of your living room. Some of the various styles and themes would be,

  • Warm Tones- Essentially warm tones for your walls and minimalist furniture make smaller space appear spacious and are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • English Country- Shades of green, blue, red and grey go well with this theme. Wall papers and elegant chinaware will do wonders for this theme.
  • French Country- This style includes stripes and checkers on neutral tones. Add a lot of frames above your sofa set and you could also add chandelier to add that extra element.
  • Modern/ Contemporary Style- Modern Style is the minimalistic style. Choose neutral tones. Try an L- Shaped furniture along with dark wooden coffee table. Any embroidery work should be avoided.

Add Accents to your essentials

environment-1215814_1920.jpgNow whichever piece of furniture you wish to add to your living room like sofa set, coffee table, TV set, Lamp table, adding an accent to it would help to enhance the look. Some of the accents could be bowl of fruits, potted plants, flower vase, book magazine stand or rugs for wooden frames.