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Living Room Essentials

Your living room is practically the face of your home. A place you like to unwind and have a good time with your family and friends. It’s essential to mark what is important for you to place in your living room. Hence, we bring you some basic steps to decorate and place your essentials in […]

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5 essentials of Cottage style Home Décor

Cottage style is one of those styles that make us feel comfortable just by the name of it. Comfort at its best. These days a lot of popular destinations have added this one feature in their brochure. Nothing really matches the rugged and the true country style living tradition. So let’s explore some of the […]

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Colour Trends for 2016

It’s always cool to be in trend. Same applies to our home walls. Let’s check out the most trendy color pallets for this year. White and Off white   White has come a big way. White not only makes your home look royal and neat but also brings out the authenticity of your furniture in […]

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Welcome Spring!

Spring brings hope and cheer.Its a season of beautiful beginnings. Time to try out something new or learn an art or change a hue.Paint your own space with positivity.Get Started. Happy Basant Panchami!

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Its How the French do Interiors!

The French style is all about elegance and a lot of it. It’s about a lot of rich color combination. Everything royal is so French! This style is one of the best ones. Try some simple ways to make your home look the elegant French! Colors :Repeat your colors. The French don’t like too many […]

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Silk_Arabian Decor

Interior Decor : Hot from The Arab

The Arabian nights are the most sought after nights and so are the Arabian home decors. They are known for their extravagance and their silk fabric. Together, they bring about the most luxurious looking home décor of all times. Let’s explore some of the integral components of this home style. Lamp Shades The most visible home […]

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Lil’ Spain in Your Home

Spain! The word itself connotes a relaxing environment. A beautiful lawn and some comfortable chairs and plate full of wholesome meal are all you need to set up your Spanish style home. Let’s explore some easy to follow steps to make your home your own little Spain! Low Seating Arrangement It’s all about the comfort. […]

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Style Up Your Small Bedroom Space Unbelievably

Bedroom spaces can come in all sizes. A small bedroom space can make an equally impactful statement that a bigger room would generally do. Try these easy ways to style up your personal space and save it from being boring. String Lights Strings lights give your room a very personal look. Plus it brightens your […]

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Time to Welcome Home Ganesh G!

The next big festival is here. The most awaited, the most celebrated. Home is where you bring your Ganpati idol. Home is where he stays for days. Make the most of his presence and give your home and God a reason to smile. Go green this year, and welcome an eco friendly Ganesh G – G […]

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 7 Little Additions That Make Your Home Look Chic

True they say, great things come in small packages. When we try to re-do our apartment, many a times we over look the small details that make a huge difference. Here are a few of them that can go a long way in home décor. Palm prints of your baby Don’t be mad the next time you see […]

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