Ways to Decorate Your Pooja Room

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Pooja Room or the place we worship is the most spiritual place of our house. We offer our deep gratitude towards almighty God in this part of our home. Let’s find out best way to decorate this holy place in our home.

Choose the Direction

Choosing a place of worship is the most important part of our setting up process.According to Vastu, North East direction is considered the best location to set up pooja place.

Choose the Right Color

The right color for pooja room should be while, yellow, pink, green. Avoid using dark shades.This room should look fresh and appealing to your senses. Lighter tones help you calm down and focus well.

Choose Mandir

Mandir or place of the Idol are available in varied shapes and sizes. Most preferred ones are in marble or the wooden one. Choose according to the overall look of your home.Placing of idols in the right direction, is usually missed. Read our articles on vastu guidelines to place idols correctly .

Keep it Clean

There is absolutely no compromise on this area. Keeping it clean all times is a must.Its good to dedicate a day to clean all copper vessels or items used during pooja. Cleaning the place every day keeps it fresh and filled with aura at all times. This way a lot of positivity is attracted into home.

Light Up!

Pooja room needs to be well lit.Investing in some ethnic lamps and lights, is a great way to keep the positive energy alive in homes. A nicely ventilated place of worship, add to the positive vibes.

Glass Door

A glass door to close your pooja room looks absolutely stunning. You pooja room should be visible. This adds value to your home décor as well.

Flowers and Idol

Idols come in a variety these days. Ones that are carved with golden color, are beautiful. Idols or Pooja room cna eb no less than incomplete if not decorated with flowers. Get beautiful flowers, of different colours and arrange them well in your Pooja room, thus giving it a complete and soulful look and feel.



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