Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Home

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Having a chalkboard or blackboard at home can be one of the most fascinating things. The old charm of the blackboard and the use of chalk  can be very satisfying. Imagine, you can even involve and encourage your child to scribble as much he/ she wishes. We focus on the most creative ways of using your chalkboard paint in developing an extremely fulfilling and an entertaining activity.Let’s begin!

Chalkboard Head Board

Cosmic bedroom design:

The chalkboard color has a beautiful way of giving that elegant touch to your walls. If you have no space for headboard you could get creative with your chalkboard wall. Draw something that suits your bedroom style and see the magic of imperfection.

Wine Bottles

Wine bottles have the most beautiful shape. They can convert into anything from lamps to vase. Painting them with chalkboard paint enhances its beauty. The superb matt finish on your wine bottle gives a very authentic look. So try them.

Chalkboard Tags


An innovative idea of making a tag with the help of clipboards at home and painting them with Chalkboard. You could scribble anything on it like your current mood and place it in one corner of your home. This could be you mood enhancer on any given day!

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Vintage French Enamel Tag Chalkboard Calendar and Interactive Board. $189.00, via Etsy.:

Chalkboard wall calendars are the best way to feel productive. Choose a wall and paint in checkers. You could write your activity according to your schedule. Also, a constant reminder like this can keep you motivated all day long.

Chalkboard Fridge


















So, this can be a little out there. Not many would be interested in painting their fridge door with this color. Having said that, it is one of the best ways to keep a reminder of your shopping list. Your child can easily add his/ her favorites also. Taking a risk of this kind can pay you many happy dividends.