7 Ways to Decorate a Large Wall

Walls can easily go un-noticed while decorating your home, with furnishings and other decor items. Huge empty wall is a canvas to unleash the creativity in you.

Bright colored Wall

Large walls can be eye-catchy and can get in most attention of your home. Painting it with a bright, warm color, like shades of red or orange can add vigor and style to your home walls.

Patterned Wall Paper

block patterns - accent walls








If you are not a huge fan of bright colors, you could also try the patterned wall paper. Wallpaper range suits every budget size. This could also act as a quick makeover to your walls,styling it in the most cost effective way.

Oversized photograph

An over-sized photograph adds a style quotient to your home décor. It also takes away unwanted attention that an empty wall space gets. It makes your home look bigger than its actual size.

Block Patterns

block patterns - accent walls









Using block patterns,is one of the minimalistic ways to keep the decor simple and stylish.This makeover adds to the charm of your home walls, making it look sophisticated and chic.


There is no better way to recreate your living space by turning into something more productive or engaging. You could place an old cabinet or rack and make it into a book shelf. It is accessible, smart, compact and the best way to use the empty place for storage.

Family Photo Frames/ Tree

family tree- accent walls









Family tree and photo frame get the best place on the walls. Let your child make a beautiful family tree and frame that on your wall.  Frames can also be hand made and there a lot of DIY guidance available online. This could be a fun activity with your child.

Maps as Wallpaper

map- accent walls










Maps as wallpapers can be wonderful inspirational wall for your family. You could pin down places you want to visit on the wall, taking a step closer towards ticking off places on your travel bucket list.Cool, isn’t it. Why not grab a world map from the corner store, right away.