Home Decor : Go the Unconventional way!

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The best kind of homes are ones that never cease to amaze us. Everything else is too main stream. We are all a big fan of everything clean and sorted but organized mess is the in- thing and adopting a style like one can be so much fun and dynamic in nature. Having said that, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and too much of quirkiness can easily beat the purpose. Let’s begin with the simple and easy to follow tips to make your home look unconventional.

A quirky entrance

Give a skip to the traditional name plate.Instead hang your favorite quote or a picture that says welcome but in an unconventional way. You could search something online and make your very own name plate!

Wall Wonder

On one side of the wall you could hang a huge moustache or your favorite movie poster. However too much of it can make it look messy.  Keep it simple yet totally crazy. You could also hang one or more such crazy pictures like favorite restaurants or favorite food. One of the best ways to give your introduction to your guests and an everyday motivation for you!

Photo Trails

Prepare a photo trail and put it on the wall. This is the best way you could show a totally lively environment at home. These frames can be based on letters, photos, pieces of favorite quotes or blank frames as well. Anything that you would like to see everyday can be on that wall. Nothing equals the sheer happiness of seeing such happy faces every day.

Rules to follow!

This is the easiest and the best way to bring some humor in your house. Find or make your own quirky wallpaper based on rules to follow. You could stick this on your toilet door or your bathroom door, even your bedroom door. Humor is uncanny and unimaginably creative.

Pillow Colors and Curtains

Pillow colors can be really bright. Go bold on the colors. Same applies to the curtains. Bold and bright. The bigger,the better. If you have some old curtain , dye them with your favorite colors . Monochromes look enticing too.

No to furniture

One big advantage of quirky interiors is you can skip the furniture. Nothing exuberant goes perfectly well with this kind of interior. Keep it simple. Adopt the low seating arrangement. It goes fabulously with your décor. A make shift look is all you need for this interior style.

Twinkly lights

We cannot emphasis enough on the importance of twinkly lights in décor. These are easy on pocket, easy to install and brilliant looking. Buy incessant lights for your home and switch it on whenever tube lights make you feel too traditional.