Different Types of Texture Paints Techniques- How To Paint

Texture painting gives an extraordinary look to your house. It is a very popular type of paint to cover drywall. The paint has heavy consistency and consists of grains of sand and/or gypsum which is bound by a water-thinned binder. Use of texture paint creates a roughly patterned effect on the wall.

The heavy consistency and thickness make it useful for different applications and for different reasons, like covering joints in drywall, painting drywall without priming. Wall texture painting is easy to apply if we oversee the existing condition of wall surface for example we can apply better texture over wallpaper if it is not so much dark. Always you need to check such circumstances to recheck the quality of paint applied over wall before spraying the texture paint.

Smooth Texture Paint

smooth texture painting

It is lighter than other types of texture paints as it doesn’t contain any kind of sand of grains and creates a smooth structure. This type of paint is heavy and thick so it requires a putty knife for the application. The paint is too heavy, that it gives the look of a plaster after drying.

Sand Texture Paint

Rough Tan Grit Texture Gritty Wall Stucco Beige

It contains sand like additives. It is interior latex painting and is available in fine, medium and coarse grain sizes. These paint falls under two different categories as follows

Premixed Sand Texture Paint

Sand additives are already present in premix texture paint. These paints are available for the direct application. as These paints don’t provide a fine finish and imperfections are visible.So, it is commonly put on areas of second preferences.  These types of paint are useful in texture painting of ceiling.

Self(Post)-Mixing Texture Paint

This type of paint includes a mixture of a base paint with sand additives. Making this paint is more of a DIY job with the addition of sand of quantity and grain size of your choice.

Knockdown Texture Paint

knockdown texture paint

Knockdown painting is popular in the bedroom, living room and hallways. This type of paint involves spraying a paint coat of about 1/8 inch thick. After drying of the first coat the high points are knockdown with the use of putty knife or trowel. This type is texture paint is tough and durable.

Popcorn Texture Paint

May 5th.

The appearance popcorn texture painting is like a popcorn, hence the name. The addition of styrofoam to the paint helps the texture to get a fluffy appearance. Application of the paint with regular painting tools is hard. It needs a special texture sprayer with large nozzles for the application. This paint is very thick and covers many imperfection son drywall and give a perfect finish.

Orange Peel Texture Paint


Orange peel is spread over the primer with a spray gun and is with a coated with a primer or a top coat. Though this texture paint isn’t as rough as sand paint, it is very durable. Scrapping off the paint is easy, which makes it the best choice for bathroom and kitchen.

Our color experts have depth knowledge in their areas of interest. You can walk through our paint visualize tool which gives you an idea how to select the best color and add some special effects with many featured colors including red, green, orange, blue, and white. We can apply white with some appropriate shades to add special themed outlook to a living space.

Spladder Knockdown Texture

Spladder Knockdown wall texture is performed carefully rest of others because it occurs in multiple steps. It needs 2 coats of primer before spraying wall texture over a wall surface. After doing this you will get a smoother surface by using large flat knife. It is well know texture paint for a new application.

knockdown wall texture

Hawk and Trowel

Hawk is a flat plate with a handle underneath that are used to create the texture design. The plaster is placed in the center of hawk and a flat rectangular is used to apply plaster to the surface of walls. As a result, Hawk and trowel tend to create more powerful layers of texture rolling over one another.

hawk trowel textures

Skip Trowel

Skip towel is the easiest and simplest to achieve because we create random patterns in this textured painting. It’s very popular texture to conceal flaws in walls or to conceal exposed drywall tape.

Skip Trowel Texture

Slap Brush Texture

A texture paint using a ‘crows-foot’, ‘panda paw’ or ‘stomp’ brush is called a Slap Brush texture. It is great texture look to make distinct walls designs as to avoid imperfections. A brush is used to apply stamping, slapping, twisting or sweeping to make texture patterns for dashing look. Painting Cost Calculator lets you select the best suitable paint and the paint quantity required to give your house walls a new perspective altogether.

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