5 Home Decoration Ideas for This Navratri

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This is the most awaited season in most of the Hindu tradition. Followed by the Diwali vacation this makes the month of October- November the most happening ones of the year. Let’s see what can be done to make our homes the best place to rejoice the season. Simple decorative items go a long way making your home feel festive ready.

Wall frame

Wall frame of the deity can immediately put you in the spirits of the festival. Buy a subtle looking wall paper and put in the middle of the house.

Lights and Lamps


Needless to say, lights and lamps are those essentials which never go out of fashion. Choose something that goes according to your taste. You could choose a string lighting to give that special attention to the wall frame.

Artificial flowers


It becomes a little tedious to get fresh flowers everyday that too solely for the purpose of decoration. Artificial flowers come to your rescue. You get a variety of these flowers in the market. Again choose something that is bright, but not too bright and subtle but not too dull. Something that suits best should be your buy.


A temple says it all. You need a well painted and easy to maintain temple. A temple takes away all the attention eventually. So buy a magnificent looking temple and place it in the best direction possible.

Rugs and Carpet


A simple carpet under the coffee table can do wonders to your home décor. It’s easy, affordable and quick to make the home look decorated in the right amount. However, be careful to choose a good one that will stay longer even with low maintenance.