5 Best Ideas to Party in Style this Season

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Is there any best time to throw a party or be a part of party? None. The best time of the year brings the parties as well. Whether you have hosted a party or not, we bring you the most chic and easy to follow guide to organize the best parties for the best people you know. Let’s begin.

Theme Party

Well, needless to say,this is the safest way to get your guests involved in party.House parties can be the best place to organize a theme party. You can decide on the theme and send out invites accordingly,to your family and friends. This can be anything like a traditional theme, the tie and hat theme, the flower theme. Anything and absolutely anything can be set for a theme. The best part is, there are no rules. So, get crazy with ideas and shoot them at your guests!

Pot Luck Party

Another best way to engage guests in your parties is by setting a pot luck theme. This is perfect,mainly because you don’t have to stress yourself in the whole,arranging the menu for your guests. You can either set a menu or not. Any item is welcome. This gives your guests a way to bring the best food they know. In this way you also have a variety of options on your table.

Cakes and Sweets Party

Another different way of pleasing your guests is by having a party that is based on cakes and sweets. However, there is a risk involved in it if your guest are found to not have a sweet tooth. This works best for children’ party. You can call in people and make sweets together or you can order your favourite ones.

Hawaiian Parties

This is an unique style that could work the best if you wish to have something amazingly refreshing. A Hawaiian party theme is the best one because you don’t have to dress up heavily for the party. You can choose your Hawaiian costume – anything breezy, light and colourful. Light up your home with some dim lights or yellow lights,flowers and leaves of coconut tree. All of this and some awesome Hawaiian style food menu like the cakes, breads, sauteed veggies, fried rice or food that has less of spices and more of flavour.

Dance and Drama Party

Now, this will be the most happening party of all times. You could play some great Bollywood music and have a dance theme for your guests. Everyone has to shake a leg or two. You could also ask your guests to enact a scene from their favourite movie. The more filmy the better.

Have a great time!