4 Decor Styles Trending This 2016

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2016 is all about following trends that make your home look comfortable and environment friendly. Stimulating environment and a bright home décor style are the must- do things this year. Let’s explore the trendiest decor styles of 2016.

High Contrast Dining Rooms


This recent times have seen a growth in Dine- in culture back. With people becoming health conscious, kitchen has become a place of experiments and merriment.Hence, the dining area is the focus area this year. Dark hues clubbed with beautiful accents make your dining room look inviting. Be quirky and choose patterns for your walls of kitchen as well. With the added textures you will find your guests coming back over and over again.

The Multi- Dimensional Work Place

This year has brought along ample opportunities to work from home. We have seen a rise on Home based work in the recent years. With this rise in the trend, make you work station look multi dimension. Bold colors, golden borders, Geometrical patterns, Plants and ample sunlight are must- haves this year. To bring luck and prosperity your way,  include feng shui tips for your work place. Check out our article on Fen-Shui Tips.

Natural Looking Modern Living Room

Modern Decor Styles Living Room

People are become environment friendly and consciously choosing the green way of living life. With this change comes another trend setting era of everything organic and in round about shape. Natural Green and Blue color are a hot pick for living room. Orange and Turquoise and best suited for the accents walls. While making everything look environment friendly and satisfying to the senses,feeling of optimism tags along.

Light up your living.

A lot of emphasis is given to the way your rooms are lit. Over the years, people have understood the brilliance of good lighting. Hence, investing in some soft lights brings along a feminine elegance. Using layers of warm colors and shiny surfaces make a splendid feeling to your home décor. Finally, a glossy finish to your ceiling reflects lights in a spectacular way!




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