How to Decorate Interiors of Small Houses

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Small houses, are a beauty in themselves. You feel warm and close to your loved ones and things. Homes, however spacious may be,would appear no less than incomplete, without that warmth of family and friends, the aura of your belongings that have that vibe and connect. Here are some interesting ideas and tips to decorate small houses and make it look clutter free.

Ottomans :











Let the living room, make the necessary first impact. Ottomans instead of a couch will be a smart add, if you feel your house is a bit small in size. Infact, ottomans can also serve as storage. Put seldom used items into it and save some more space for yourself, in the house.

Wall Hangings :










Remove irregular shaped items hanging on the walls. Let anything on the wall be it a family portrait or quote or posters on wall, be in perfect regular shapes, preferably rectangular.Get rid of extra nails too!

White or Light Tones :


Keep the colour of the walls in the house either white or light shades. This will give your rooms a spacious feel and look. Colours do affect mood and as well as the perception of space. You can check out our write up on how colours affect spaces. This might be helpful in understanding colours. And, believe us when we say about colours, we have painted a lot of houses,and infact recently painted our office white and that immediately created more space, from nowhere. Colours are magical!Take our word for it!

Bring in Plants.

Always have space for some greenery, however small is the house. You will feel calm and open, surrounded by the serenity of nature.

Utilize Available Space Effectively and Let Less speak more at home. There are plenty of nooks and corner spaces, that go unnoticed in the house. Find them and utilize them to maximum to store and declutter. Read about the Kitchen Spaces you never knew you had.

Remember it is your space. Your own! Take pride in it. Do not hesitate in inviting people to visit you.