Safety tips for your house painting during COVID 19 India

Covid 19 india

covid 19 India: There’s no debating the fact that our world has changed drastically in the last few months. Our fundamental notion of what a normal life means is under attack and safety is now everyone’s top priority, and justifiably so. In these testing times, even the smallest of tasks now require thoughtful deliberation, and getting your house painting done can be a daunting one.

As you slam your laptop shut at the end of another long day of video calls and working from home, you may just notice that familiar white wall staring back at you, blankly. It’s always been there but never really caught your eye, until now. Until you see it every day, day after day and a curious idea swirls in your mind’s eye. “What if I got this wall painted a different colour?” you may ask yourself. “In fact, what if I got the whole house painted, or wait, is that a completely silly notion during a pandemic?” Well, as it turns out, it’s not. Chances are you’re spending more time at home now than you’ve ever done before, so you deserve to make it beautiful. 

Safety precautions for your house painting during a pandemic:

So, what all should you keep in mind if you’re going to get your house painting done? Here’s a useful guide to help you along.


Before you call the painters home: 
Know your society’s rules: These days it has become common practice for housing societies to form additional safety precautions and rules for their community. Before the person hired to do your house painting shows up at your door, make sure you’re aware of and following all the guidelines put down by your housing society or building. Small things like informing your building society office in advance of the painter’s expected arrival, ensuring the guard at the gate are kept aware, informing your house painting team of the safety protocols of your building, will make sure things run smoothly.

Do a background check: No matter who you hire to get your home painted, make sure you are confident of their own internal operational safety protocols. Things like daily temperature checks, a defined isolation policy towards symptomatic workers, strict contact tracing protocols are just some of the facts you’ll want to get reassurance on from your service provider.

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COVID-19 and your House Painting

Plan and prepare your house: In a pre-covid era, all you really had to do was cover up your furniture with a few old bedsheets and leave the house for the day, as the painters got busy. Now, since leaving your home isn’t really an option, you need to plan things a little more carefully. Decide on which room to get painted first and the order you need to follow thereafter. Make sure you’ve covered up the furniture and any other surfaces you can which are prone to regular touch. If you’re getting your bedroom painted, please don’t forget to empty your wardrobe and keep your clothes safely away. Additionally, prepare and provide a dedicated bathroom for the painters to use during their work. The last thing you want is for them to make use of the common toilets, the sanitary conditions of which are often questionable and out of your control. The more you minimize movements in and out of your home, the lower the risk factor.


When the painters are at your house:

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Curb your curiosity – Sometimes, we tend to let our curiosity get the better of us. Granted, getting your house painting done is a project of personal pride and you’d love to monitor the progress at each and every step. However, today’s hazardous conditions call for a more restrained approach. So, every time you feel like peeping in or looking over the shoulder of your painter, don’t. Brief them well and in advance, of what you’re looking for, and then keep your distance as the professionals work. Social distancing applies just as much in your house, and it’s meant for your safety, as well as that of the painters. When your house painting is going on in one room, make sure you’re safely distant in another.

Wear a mask – This may seem a bit absurd at first since you’re inside your own house, what’s the need for a mask anyway right? Wrong. The purpose of the mask is to stop the spread and when you have someone visiting your home from outside, a mask protects you and them both. Don’t forget, the painter too comes from a home of his own, with a family of his own that he’d like to keep just as safe as you’d like your family to be. So as much as possible, keep the mask on while the work is being done.

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Food and water protocols – If possible, try and get the painters to come prepared with their own lunch and snacks. This will reduce the number of times the painter needs to leave the house, reducing the risk of contamination. According to the number of painters doing your work and the hours they will spend in your house, keep enough disposable water bottles aside for them. Avoid handing glasses of water back and forth further reducing potentially harmful contact.

When the painters leave your house:

Sanitise, sanitize, sanitise- Even if you took every precaution mentioned so far, there’s still a few things that end up getting touched frequently. The doorbell, the light switches, door handles and locks are some of these commonly handled surfaces that you want to ensure are sanitized at the end of the day’s work. Supermarkets today are full of handy and affordable disinfectant sprays that make the task very easy, giving you a peace of mind that’s priceless

Covid 19 India – The final strokes :

What began as a simple idea to make your own space a little more, well, you, has today transformed into quite the task. Daunting as it may seem, getting your house painting done safely is really just about being aware of the steps involved and having a safety plan in place. With these simple steps in mind, we hope we’ve been able to make the prospect a little less unsettling. 

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