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Wood Painting Process

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Paints Products

Apcolite Premium Satin Enamel
Apcolite Premium Satin Enamel
Price : 300
Finish: Low Sheen
Dulux Satin
Dulux Satin
Price : 340
Finish: Soft Sheen Finish
Luxol Lustre
Luxol Lustre
Price : 264
Finish: Semi Gloss
Butterfly GP Enamel
Butterfly GP Enamel
Price : 200

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I had my daughter's room made over . The Aapkapainter team was instrumental in...
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It was good and satisfactory. Aapkapainter is very good and supportive. They are instrument...
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Hassle free service and lot of provided prompt support. Will take their service again in...
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Mr. Nirmal Kumar

Aapkapainter team have done a really good job. Painters were very professional and did ...
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Starting from the quotation to the completion of painting,it was just an awesome experien...
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Latest Wood Painting Service

Latest Wood Painting Designs

Wood Painting Preparation- Useful Wood Painting Tools and Tips It’s imperative to follow proper technique when using wood paint to increase its longevity and restore it to its original state in addition to giving it a new shine. Also, the wood polish often enhances the grain pattern of the wood itself bringing out its true beauty. The type of wood polish we use depends on the type of wood too. For instance, wood oil or oil-based wood primer should only be applied on oiled surfaces. Wax and oil don’t mix well and aren’t supposed to be applied together. So, take special care when you try to polish wood yourself.

Different shades of colors for Wood Painting

Beautiful shades can be used for wood painting in different portions of your house. We offer a variety of wood color paints that can be perfect for your doors and windows to give them a striking look. Wood color paint for doors can be used in multiple shades and textures to give a unique entrance to your spaces. Asian Paints wood color provides a smooth finish of luxury. They are also available in different types of effects and with amazing new properties. Explore our wood paint price for excellent quality for all your wooden surfaces.

Latest Wood Painting Catalogue

You get the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of wood stains and wood polish colours so that you get the desired look for your wooden items. The finish of the wood can be changed to suit your liking with the best-in-class asian paints wood colour and asian paints wood primer. Any custom finish that you have in mind, be it teakwood, pinewood, Mahogany or Maple, you can have the wood colour design of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started now!

Waterproofing wood painting to avoid damage

Wooden surfaces are often more prone to damage due to humidity and pests. They can also break under too much pressure and stress. Choosing waterproof paint for wood can be an excellent step to ensure more stability of the wooden material as well as the paint job that is done. Asian wood paints offer great resistance to humidity and insects. They ensure a long-lasting paint job and keep your wooden door color shiny and vibrant. They are available in beautiful colors and textures. We offer the best paint variants for all the surfaces of your homes with high-quality products for all kinds of purposes.

Types of wood painting primer

Wooden surfaces also need to be primed before they are painted with new paint. A wood primer works as an undercoat for your wood painting and it ensures that the paint job lasts for a longer time. It also forms a protective coating for the wood against humidity and insects. Asian Paints wood primer can be perfect for all types of wooden surfaces including doors and windows. Wood primer price is not expensive and it is a small investment towards the better life of the wood. Explore wood paint price interior for the best interior decor.

Is Wood painting different from wall painting?

Wood painting is considered to be much better for wooden surfaces than wall paints. The raw materials are different for wood paints that adhere to wooden surfaces much more efficiently. They also keep your wooden surfaces pest-free and safe. We offer high-quality paint for wooden doors and windows that can keep them smooth and shiny for a much longer time. You can also use wood texture paint to get a rough texture for your surfaces and enhanced decor. Enamel paint for wood also work amazingly to provide a smooth surface. Explore different wood finishes with us for your homes.

Quality wood Painting services at the best price

Painting and restoring your wooden furniture can get a little tricky. For the best results, you should reach out to our experts at Aapkapainter saving you the trouble of looking for ‘wood polish near me’. Whether it’s your furniture, doors, windows or anything else that’s made out of wood, we can restore them to their original state, as good as new. You can also choose a normal wood color paint or a waterproof paint for wood depending on your need. You can get in touch with our experts even if it’s just a touch up.

Aapkapainter Wood Painting Process

Sanding : The action begins!

Wish to see your precious wooden sofa, dining table and other wooden furniture items in a gleaming new avatar? Aapkapainter offers expert wood painting services that not only help improve the aesthetic appeal of your wooden items but also increase their life by guarding against pests including insects, rodents, fungus and others.

The first step in our wood painting process is for the wooden surfaces to be sanded, whether they are to be stained or painted over. The idea is to clear out the dust, the wood colors and glossy layer for a smooth surface starting with a sandpaper of 180 grit all the way up to 400 grit.

Stain : Bring out the grain!

Once all the woodwork is well sanded, it’s all prepared to be stained with a premium wood coating stain. When wood stain is added to any wooden surface, it can not only change the colour of wood but also really bring out the intricate wooden grains. You can choose from a number of best-in-class wood stains that can give your wooden furniture and other wooden surfaces the appearance of Teak or even Mahogany. These coats of stain can be applied before or after applying polish.

Polish : For a fine finish

There are a few wood polish types or polishing techniques that can be used to add a dash of shine to wooden surfaces. Depending on the surface, polish can be applied either manually by hand or by using specialised tools. We usually apply chalk powder onto the surface before polishing irrespective of whether it’s stained or not to ensure it gets a uniform and consistent tone. We only use the high quality wood polish colors to coat your wooden items so as to protect it from any damage and give it a shine that lasts long, really long.

Aapkapainter view on Wood painting services

Wood is an exclusive material that goes beyond the range of usefulness and transforms your furniture, making it look stunning. No matter if your house is traditional, modern or has a distinctive design and style, wooden doors and windows would enhance its quality without a doubt. Time takes its toll on everything in life and your wood furniture, doors and windows can go through a lot over time. Maintenance of wood may help you make its life longer, increase its resilience and guard it against pests such as insects, bugs, rodents or fungus.

Painting wood with appropriate paint would enhance its visual appeal and protect the bottom surface from tarnishing away. By hiring Aapkapinter, you can reduce your worries while we would take care of your wood furniture, doors and windows. All you need to do is hire us and sit back with ease. Our wood polish and wood color paint services are exceptional. No matter if its teak wood or mahogany, MDF or a decorative wooden piece, we offer all kinds of wood paint services to our clients. Our wood color paint experts will not just restore your wood but will make its life longer for more than a few years to come.

At Aapkapainter, we are the painting woodwork professionals. Our wood paint service helps you protect the grills, gates and roofing of your home. We dedicate ourselves to every maintenance requirement of your woodwork, touch-ups as well as refinishing of all types of woodwork surfaces that you may have in your house including cupboards, furniture, doors, decking, walls, ceiling and windows. If you have an existing mark on your closet or you need other types of wood finishes in your house, we can match and imitate any custom wood color finish that you have in mind. We will glaze, stain and oil the whole thing as needed.

With Aapkapainter wood color paint service, you can give wood the best treatment ever, and let every wooden piece of your house stand out by creating a statement on its own.

Don’t forget to check out our recent projects to get a glimpse of our previous work.