How Aapkapainter ensures safety during house painting

The looming health and safety crisis brought about by COVID-19 has created an environment of fear and uncertainty in our daily lives. In these unsettling conditions, it’s important to be confident of the precautions being taken to ensure everyone’s safety when embarking upon the dream project of getting your house painting done. 

At Aapkapainter, we take the safety of everyone involved in a house painting job very seriously. In recent times, our team has dedicated a lot of time and resources on ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained across our operations. For the safety of our customers as well as our painters, we make sure our staff go into every job fully trained and equipped. 

So, what exactly are the steps we take to keep you safe during your house painting work? 

Here’s how we do it at Aapkapainter:

The preparations:

Before each job, our painting team assembles at a predefined spot that has been demarcated and identified as safe for a small gathering. Each painter is instructed to use only their own private vehicle to arrive at the spot, minimising contact with others en route. Masks are mandatory and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards any negligence in this regard. Maintaining the required 2 meters distance from each other, the painting team lines up to get their temperature checked by designated personnel. The resulting temperature readings of each painter are documented on a health card and photographed for record-keeping purposes.

Once the painter has been cleared for work, they are each handed a PPE kit. Each kit consists of a face mask, a pair of plastic shoe covers, a pair of gloves and a bottle of hand sanitiser. Before they arrive at your doorstep to begin the house painting work, the painters spray their painting equipment and their clothes with a powerful disinfectant. Each painter then proceeds to use their own private transportation to leave for their respective jobs for the day. Masks and helmets are mandatory during their commute and any unscheduled stops along the way are completely prohibited. 

Upon Arrival

Once your painter arrives at your building or housing society, they are expected to follow any and all security procedures as laid out by the administration, no questions asked. Sanitizing their hands once they enter the building, they proceed to get their temperature checked once more by your building security, if required. Encouraged to take the stairs if feasible, the painters ensure they do not touch the railing on their way up. If making use of the elevator, social distancing norms are practised unfailingly. Upon arrival at your doorstep, the preferred mode of communication is to call the customer on the phone rather than press the doorbell, reducing contact. Before entering your home, the painter will sanitise their hands once again. Once within the house, they will aim to proceed to the room that needs to be painted as soon as possible, avoiding unnecessary loitering. 

As they set out to begin the paint job at hand, the painter will unload all their equipment in one spot and ensure they keep the area contained. The gloves are the first thing to be put on, along with the snazzy Aapkapainter T-Shirt of course, and only then will the painter handle any equipment. As the painter begins his work in the designated room or area, they make sure to only use the sources of drinking water that have been provided to them by the customer. We have also tied up with food partners in all major cities to provide lunch and snacks to our painters, thereby eliminating unnecessary movement in and out of your house while the job is on. 

Once the day’s work is done, the painters will ensure all the equipment is collected and placed back in one single spot. Subsequently, the area is then cleaned thoroughly by the painter using any broom or mop provided by the customer, leaving the area just as clean as they found it. The gloves and shoe covers are then placed in a disposable bag and done away with immediately. 

With a final check on all these safety precautions, the painter leaves behind nothing but a satisfied customer with a smile on their face. For each and every one of you ready to get your house painting done with the guarantee of safety and security, Aapkapainter is here for you. Book a free inspection today and we’ll take care of the rest. 



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