Author: Dhivya Raghavan

Entrepreneur, Materials Engineer, Hobbyist Cook. Love writing about interior design and decor, paints and painting.

foremost important step to achieve desired and long lasting painting results is figuring out the right paint, suiting your needs and requirements.

Regulation of toxic elements in paints

Recently “Lead” has been on the headlines of all leading newspapers and channels. Maggi, uncontested choice of national food for engineers, has been taking off the shelves in our country. Reason – Lead content higher than prescribed limits found in samples of Maggi. But is it only “Maggi” that has unacceptable lead? Heavy metal Lead […]

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Paint Magic : Use colours to change the size of your room

Color is the least expensive way to remodel a room to fit any lifestyle. As we use color it is important to understand it’s subtle yet fundamental in designing the space of the room. Certain colors can make your room look bigger or smaller than it actually is. In space starved cities it is important […]

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7 Common Color Mistakes That People Make

Even with the best intentions, sometimes colour can go wrong for your apartment. People do a lot of research before choosing a colour but not every time it proves to be a success.Read on some of the most common colour mistakes most people make and try and avoid them! 1. Ignoring Lights Lights can make […]

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Welcome baby to the paradise – home!

Parents want to do their best for their cutie pie from the very first day of its life. What a better start than welcoming the most important member, to a wonderful room, full of colors, blessings, memories and wishes. Preparing a room for a new-born always excites future parents. Few quick tips to help you […]

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Customer Review

In this fast growing world of technology where literally everything from pizza delivery to shopping is done sitting on the couch, then why crack your heads here and there looking for home painting solutions? EVER THOUGHT? You are not too late, ONE CLICK on and you enter the world which provides you the best deal to paint […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint Interiors?

Planning to paint your home? Wondering how much it’s going to cost, which product to use? Well, most influential factor in any decision making is the cost involved.Before you set out to get your house painted, we advise you to understand the various cost-elements involved. 1. Putty & Primer: Well begun is half done!In case […]

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Beat The Monsoon Blues, Red!

Bumpy rides to office, steering through traffic dodging nasty pot-holes, soiled shoes and uniforms that wouldn’t dry soon! Monsoon’s here, splashing water all over. And we finally have reasons right to stay indoors, munching super-hot onion pakoras. If that’s what we got to do the entire season, why not add more flavour to it? Paint […]

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Guide to Painting an Accent Wall

Painting a wall with vibrant hues, or geometric patterns, stenciled designs or faux finish textures, makes it strikingly different, adding a great style statement to your space.Such an highlighted portion of the room are called accent wall.But ,not all walls deserve such special treatment. Logically, they shouldn’t too. General guidelines to create impressive spaces at home […]

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Painting is as easy as ordering Pizza

‘You are not active on social network, is everything ok?’ ‘Don’t be crazy, this is not going to work’. ‘No one is going to marry you now’. You held your nerve during such conversations and still going strong – you are an entrepreneur. Respect boss! Needless to tell you how important a conducive environment is […]

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Texture Wall : Give Your Home a Quick Makeover

Beautiful things in life happen within those walls of our homes. Don’t they deserve a lot more attention! Add some definition and drama; and thereby transform those bare walls into something spectacular and accentuate aesthetic appeal with wall texture. What’s a Texture Painting: Wall textures replicate appearances of materials such as stone, metal or fabric. […]

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