Beat The Monsoon Blues, Red!

Bumpy rides to office, steering through traffic dodging nasty pot-holes, soiled shoes and uniforms that wouldn’t dry soon! Monsoon’s here, splashing water all over. And we finally have reasons right to stay
indoors, munching super-hot onion pakoras. If that’s what we got to do the entire season, why not add more flavour to it?

Paint the blue away – with bright red, dashing yellow, burnt orange or try out pastel green for a fresh look. Not too sure about experimenting such shades?Try these.

#1 Create geometric patterns on walls and feel fully confident to use bold hues. Feel the brightness inside, when it’s pouring outside!

#2 Pep it up with stripes. Horizontal or vertical, broad or thin, they can magically bring life to dull spaces. So smart they are!

Kids not buying your reasons to stop playing in slushy puddles?Got a way out – bring home their best friends! Spice up their room with their favourite Disney character or create outer space or underwater world and other fascinating features, live in their room. And, tempt them more with mouth-watering delicacies; they’ll simply surrender.

It’s just so perfect – to spend quality time with family, at home. You can always hit the snooze button and blame it on the clouds!