Guide to Painting an Accent Wall

Painting a wall with vibrant hues, or geometric patterns, stenciled designs or faux finish textures, makes it strikingly different, adding a great style statement to your space.Such an highlighted portion of the room are called accent wall.But ,not all walls deserve such special treatment. Logically, they shouldn’t too.

General guidelines to create impressive spaces at home :

  1. Accent a wall that has no large openings like windows and doors.Natural choices are – walls behind a TV, a comfy couch or bed’s headboard.
  2. Artwork or portraits, a sculpture or a flower vase, grab eyeballs when on a textured or patterned backdrops.
  3. Imperfections(like hair line cracks) if any on walls,can be covered up by creating faux finishes.
  4. Ensure there is no competition from other walls in the room. If adjacent walls have bold décor, adding an accent wall can overwhelm.
  5. “Less is more” – Do not fall prey to accenting a wall in every room.

Remember not to push colour coordination outside the frame. Make sure there is enough contrast so that existing furniture and other decorations don’t blend in or fade out. There are plenty of patterns and designs to choose from. Our earlier post on Textures can be a good starting point.

Celebrate uniqueness.

Happy Painting!

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